Tiny Heine Stone

Some cool just filed images:

Tiny Heine Stone
just filed
Image by aethyric
Pretty much just grabbed photos of all the stones with names I remember from my family tree searches.

(This one was in front of the big main family stone.)

Falling Angels
just filed
Image by moggs oceanlane
Blah Blah these pictures are just my messing about… the image I wanted to do, I couldn’t as SL just wasn’t playing nicely. I had all of those headstones and trees out so I though I may as well do something. Only just uploaded as I have some vague form of Internet access – internet on a stick. Err… yay… um. *sighs*

– Falling Angel pose [XStreetSL]
– Victorian Heart Tree (Gothic) by Nirvana [XStreetSL]
– Mayhem Dark Angel Wings [XStreetSL]
– Sofiel Angel Wings [XStreetSL]
– Arm blood speckles from the Female Angel of Destruction outfit [XStreetSL]
– bodily blood spatter is Blood Splattered by No Mercy [XStreetSL] (and yes, sorry Nimil and Lucas… I’ve had this in my inventory for some time – I have now purchased the LuNi Blood Spatter for future endeavors).
– Gothic or Halloween Celtic Cross with fog (background) from Peter Stindberg [XStreetSL]
– main grave from Bliss Grave with Animation Box [XStreetSL]
– headstone from Gravestone & mound [ XStreetSL]
– Gravestone 1 (creator: NickA Whippet / XStreetSL)
– GraveStone-Asian-B (creator: Arcadia Asylum / XStreetSL)
– GraveStone-Euro-A (creator: Arcadia Asylum / XStreetSL)
– GraveStone-Euro-B [this is what I’m kneeling on] (creator: Arcadia Asylum / XStreetSL)
– GraveStones-Collection [stone coffin] (creator: Arcadia Asylum / XStreetSL)
– junkDrawer – Nevermore – Sit on me! single tombstone from the 2008 Ghost Hunt #72 [blog]

*I am both angels in the picture

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