Breaking Berkeley is in deep trouble, a lawsuit has just been filed

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Breaking: Berkeley is in deep trouble, a lawsuit has just been filed

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20 thoughts on “Breaking Berkeley is in deep trouble, a lawsuit has just been filed”


  2. jake bob1 second agoUC Berkeley is a toilet.  The students are shit.  The professors are sewers.  So glad to hear that this liberal indoctrination institute is being sued.  UC Berkeley will get a shit sandwich out of this.  I would urge all parents to take their kids out of this shit hole and send them to a credible college.  UC Berkeley and you students and you professors…..fuck you all.

  3. Wow. The yukky Robert Reich just came out in favor of Ann's free speech!! He said the university must let her talk or it's not a university, it's a playpen.

  4. universities should not be prostitutes … speak to humanity. free speech is a must a tradition to be able to speak their truths.

  5. eric clanton,fascist professor @ diablo valley college ,ca. struck bystander over the head with bike lock.thats assault a crime.

  6. It'll get thrown out by the liberal judge, then thrown out by the 9th circus…then when it hits the Supreme Court, heads will roll.

  7. Hm… Trump thinks Assad is evil and Hillary is left to do what she pleases…ya.. Trump the Chump, doing his Talmudic Masters bidding.

  8. No matter Trump chooses ( Supreme Court )the Anti-Trump Media will rip him apart until he can prove himself. The President is in office for the next four years whether they like it or not. As I said I am not a Trump supporter, but the people put him in office so I will go along with them and do the best I can to support America in what I feel is the hour of need. Ever since the beginning of the PE campaign, most of the Media have shown the rest of the world how corruption has enslaved the people. The lies the cover-ups that have been spewed out by all parties over the past decade or so, the people do not know when they are being told the truth. Yes, America has lost its credibility that it once had. So the Media should now do their best to heal the wounds they have inflicted.

    I am not a Trump supporter. As a Christian, I do believe in giving each and every one time to prove themselves. Yes he has had 100 day's in office and during that period he has made mistakes, no one is perfect. No other President that I can think of has had to put up with such hostile abuse as he has had to endure from the Media, I will not go into details of the type of abuse as you will already know. You are saying he has not fulfilled his pledges he made during the Presidential Election. The opposition to his success in becoming President maybe a fracture to him not being able to fulfill his pledges, maybe given time he will be able to fulfill most of them, as the saying goes ( Rome was not built in a day ) neither was America. All the snide uneducated comments are brought about by the hysteria created by the Media outlets. The people are allowing the Media to think for them, instead of thinking for themselves. The Opposition should at least try and work with the President for a period There are many ways of solving problems, work together Listen / Compromise.

  9. Janet Napolitano used to be sec. of Homeland security for none other than Obummer…why am I not surprised that she is being sued for allowing liberal violence and stifling free speech?

  10. My hat is off to Ann Coulter for taking this "university" to court. It's time to reveal the agenda and the mass indoctrination of the students who are the future, to support ideals which are the antithesis of the constitution.Berkley is complying with the Soros plan to disrupt and divide and destabilize the people. Fascists the lot of them. This is communism.

  11. I bet Janet and her little cronies are there right now shredding all those memos stating to use antifa to keep freedom of speech out of Berkeley.

  12. the mayor and police need to be sued also for allowing left wing terrorists to attact and injure those with right wing beliefs

  13. How in the hell is Berkley knows as the home of free speech? Aren't they the home of free "left leaning" speech?

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