What if Nintendo Loses the Lawsuit Gamevice Filed Against them? Sandbox Media Gamercast

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What if Nintendo Loses the Lawsuit Gamevice Filed Against them? We think that it’s highly unlikely that Nintendo would lose this lawsuit against Gamevice but with the way things are anything is possible. So today we talk about what would happen to Nintendo if they were to lose somehow. Gamevice is suing for damages and for Nintendo to not be able to make the Nintendo Switch anymore.

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20 thoughts on “What if Nintendo Loses the Lawsuit Gamevice Filed Against them? Sandbox Media Gamercast”

  1. Lawsuits like this don't move that fast. Cases like this take years. Every recent case against Nintendo has taken years to go to trial.

  2. Jokingly I told my wife the other day we had to go out and buy a switch now because they were going to come off the shelves because of this lawsuit

  3. I hope they don't lose I love playing video games I love talking about video games I love watching video games and hopefully Nintendo doesn't keep screwing up and then we won't have them anymore

  4. Nintendo just lost a lawsuit a company named ilife 4 years ago for using their technology in the Wii and Wii U and Nintendo lost so for them to lose again it's not too far-fetched

  5. I don't know much about law and if these points are dumb and have no impact in court but

    1) They aren't losing any money because of the Switch. Nobody is thinking "Hmm, should I buy these cheap shits to put on my phone and play fuckin angry birds or should I buy an ACTUAL gaming console that I can play actual video games on"

    2) You can't attach the Joy Cons to your phone or tablet

  6. How are they being sued? The game vice controllers weren't even released so how could Nintendo get in trouble? It doesn't make sense.

  7. Gamevice will never win its like a GameGear and a Wii U game pad so SEGA or Nintendo should sue them but mostly SEGA it looks like a fucking GameGear and if Gamevice wins i'm stealing my uncle's Switch also Gamevice doesn't even make the ripoff Gamegear anymore so.

  8. A few months ago the CEO was praising the console I have a quote from Kevin Chou "if the success of the Nintendo Switch is any indication, handheld gaming is still attracting players. Gamevice is hoping its mobile controller will be the one to buck the trend, capturing an audience that is playing more mobile games."

  9. I don't think Nintendo will lose, this is an ignorant answer of mine, however, Nintendo did lose a case regarding their motion control technology in the Wii, so it does open the possibility of losing even more.

  10. what haopne you know what happen switch wod be take off that bull shit 18 maillin fans  get switch that be 18 maillsin fans going after gameivne to burn that palce ot ground tha men  new mairo  akiry wood be cnacled that wood be bull shit

  11. IF they lose, im pretty sure they A. Only stay at the handheld marked B. Stops games alltogether C. Makes a New console and maybe works together with a certain other company

    If its true that history repeats itself, then Wii u is nintendos Saturn and switch nintendos dreamcast

    Btw fun fact, even Sony says gaming needs nintendo

  12. Gamevice would be banked rupt before thet would stop Nintendo from bringing it to court over and over again and on top of that they just wouldnt loose Gamevice has zero footing so its really nothing

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