Ducky revisited.

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Ducky revisited.
just filed
Image by Jaro Larnos

Here’s a story.

You are in school, attending a studio photography course and one of the girls in class offers to model a bit more daringly for practise, not naked, but bra/underwear type modeling. Nothing too extravagant or tacky, just modeling.

Everyone – well, not everyone but few of the most enthusiastic students – takes part by taking turns shooting her with her camera.

So, you have your own camera with you and a long lense and you need the practise, so the teacher brings you a spare flash so you can do your part in the learning process; setting up the camera, flash, the works, clicking away, shooting RAW, as always.. As soon as you click your first shot the girl makes a wish (a demand) that you won’t publish the photos anywhere. "Ok, sure thing, I’m just doing this for practise anyway." — She let’s you shoot…

At the end of the photo session she comes up to you and says you’ll need to copy all the raw originals you just shot to her usb-drive and demands you delete them from your own camera and computer.

What would you do? You shot the pictures, it was part of studying. The pictures weren’t even complete yet, as they were unedited raw files. At this point, would you even consider your work and practise fullfilled with just clicking the shots?

In this particular case, as it happened to me, I acted all cool and chivalrous, only wishing she’d honor my copyright if she ever published the pictures (as there were a couple pretty good shots there). But I have this knawing feeling in my gut I let it all go too easily, that I should’ve kept the pictures and only release her the finished jpegs whenever I had completed them. My promise to not distribute them should after all have been enough. Now, I feel as if I’ve given my rights away, not having the originals anymore. How could I prove they are not hers or someone elses to begin with if she doesn’t keep her end of the bargain?

Also, I would have liked to practise the development process on those pictures, because it’ll be a cold day in hell if I ever get anyone to pose like that for my photoshoots in the near future. Now I’ll never know (as of now) if and what I could deliver. And that, frankly doesn’t feel nice.

End of rant.

Miami Beach & Port of Miami just after dawn
just filed
Image by joiseyshowaa

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just filed
Image by winnu
A very rainy weekend so just looking at some old files till the sun returns

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