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filing lawsuits
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The Reason For the Season
filing lawsuits
Image by andrewtoskin
CC-BY-SA. Reposts and remixes of this work should attribute Niccolo Florence, and link to

Images composited in GIMP. The full-size JPEG is here on Flickr. You can get the complete source files and exported JPEG and PNG images from the Internet Archive.

Images based on work by others:

* the image of Megyn Kelly is copyright Fox News, but claimed as Fair Use.
* Anti-G8 Irish guy VS riot squad_MMV — by andronicusmax
* Smashing Pumpkins — by Jaysin Trevino
* Map of USA — by MissMJ
* pumpkin carving 011 — by Rachel Tayse

Here’s the original comic script:

Page 1 of 1.

Panel 1: Picture of the Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, ranting.

The Reason For the Season

Brace yourselves: Secular left-wing liberals and atheists
are at it again…

Panel 2: We’re looking at a map of the USA. There are “thumbtacks” with
jack-o’-lantern faces marking several of the largest cities. — see

Once again this holiday season, the right to celebrate Halloween
is under attack. Click the icons on the map to see where the
latest challenges to religious freedom are taking place.

Panel 3: A smashed pumpkin, lying in the street.

You know what they’re trying to do, don’t you? The PC Police are
trying to take the “hallow” out of Halloween!

Panel 4: Elementary school teacher carving pumpkins — at home — with
his kids.

George Sanderson, an elementary school teacher in San Francisco,
talks about wanting to make jack-o’-lanterns with his students,
unaware of the storm he was unleashing.

Like other left-wing anti-Halloween groups in recent years, the
ACLU opened a lawsuit against Sanderson and the school district.
And a judge sentenced Sanderson to life in prison without parole.

Panel 5: One man stands, alone, against a line of police bristling with
riot gear.

I tell you, it won’t be long before you aren’t allowed to perform
the Samhain rites and pray to Hecate even in the privacy of your
own ringfort.


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