Zombie Christmas

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Zombie Christmas
just filed
Image by Rob Boudon
I know what you are thinking…

You think I went as a zombie for Halloween this year, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. My Halloween photos are on the way, but first, let me explain the zombie makeup…

I participated in the 48 Hour National Film Challenge. For this competition you have 48 hours to write, film and edit a movie. To ensure that you do not start early on the project, you are given a set of restrictions at the last minute. Our restrictions were to implement all of this into the film…

Genre: Holiday Film
Character: Jamie Walsh, Clerk
Line: And what have we learned from this?
Prop: Fly Swatter

We really rocked the competition this year with our super-awesome entry…

ZOMBIE CHRISTMAS (No longer online, removed by director)

Just for good measure here is our entry for 2007…



Rustico Beach, PE, 1916 (?)
just filed
Image by Musée McCord Museum
Rustico Beach, PE, 1916 (?)
Wm. Notman & Son
Probably 1916, 20th century
Notman photographic Archives – McCord Museum

Plage de Rustico, Î.-P.-É., 1916 (?)
Wm. Notman & Son
Probablement 1916, 20e siècle
Archives photographiques Notman – Musée McCord

To see the image file on the McCord Museum website, click on the following link:

Pour voir la fiche descriptive de cette photographie sur le site Web du Musée McCord, cliquer le lien suivant:

The Wave VR Panorama
just filed
Image by snowpeak
To see this in 360 degree virtual reality you need to go to my web site:


and click on "Virtual Reality" in the header then click on "The Wave".

It looks even better in full-screen mode (click on the box with arrows in the upper right corner of the VR window.)

I took this in 2009 using an 18 mm lens and 40 exposures. It is sharper and has less chromatic aberration than the other VR file (Sandia Stone Cabin).

The Sandia pano was made using three exposures with my Sunex 5.6 mm lens. You just can’t get the quality from three exposures that you get from 40, no matter how good the lens is.

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