Rescue on Rolling Acres

A few nice just filed lawsuits images I found:

Rescue on Rolling Acres
just filed lawsuits
Image by hodge
Boy will this one be a mess of lawsuits, charges and counter-charges.

Came home from work today to be greeting be a huge array of flashing lights and vehicles. It turns out that a worker who had been working on a water main ~12 feet underground got flooded with water and mud up over his waist and was unable to get free, even with the help of his co-workers. 3 1/2 hours later he was finally freed after a big effort by rescue workers, construction crews, emts and police officers.

Ministry of Labour laws require that holes deeper than 4′-0" be shored and reinforced. None of those were in evidence on this site. This poor guy was working within several tons of wet, unreinforced mud and he was very lucky not to have been buried alive. No doubt the Ministry will crack down hard on the contractor. It remains to be seen just how severe the charges will be.

All of this is on top of the lawsuit the current homeowners are filing against the people who sold them the house for failing to disclose the severe problems which necessitated this work in the first place.

Talk about an exciting homecoming after 3 weeks in the UK!! (those photos are in the works).

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