Lawsuits Filed Lawsuit Against Pruvit, ForeverGreen and non-MLM entity, Axcess Global Sciences

There’s trouble brewing in the “look at my pee!” ketone MLM niche…

At the center of the controversy are Pruvit, ForeverGreen and non-MLM entity, Axcess Global Sciences.

On August 24th, Pruvit filed a lawsuit against ForeverGreen and Axcess Global, accusing them of breach of contract, fraud.

For those unfamiliar Axcess Global Sciences, they are the

exclusive licensee of ketone technology patented by the University of South Florida.

Axcess stands to profit under the license based upon sublicensing of the technology to others via the receipt of a royalty and other consideration.

Pruvit contend that after rejecting “many offers” to license their technology, Axcess found two viable buyers in Pruvit and ForeverGreen.

Pruvit claim they were first to establish a “binding contract” with Axcess, which they then set about building the Pruvit MLM business opportunity around.

7 thoughts on “Lawsuits Filed Lawsuit Against Pruvit, ForeverGreen and non-MLM entity, Axcess Global Sciences”

  1. Pruvit is the best!!! I love the Products and I have tremendous results using it! It does WORK! I have loss 53lbs of fat and I feel Great!!!

  2. Pruvit is the best!!! I've had results I can't even disclose to avoid making medical claims!!!

  3. Basically Pruvit has piggy backed it's product on the back of "others' expensive research and in actuality – one does not need Pruvit products or any other ketone products as the human body generates plenty of ketone's through diet. Just taking ketones orally only provides a small percentage of the full benefit of ketones because the full benefit only comes from the body producing its own ketones – not by swallowing them.

  4. I bought 2 containers. did keto for 2 months. 2scoops a day…. no fatloss whatsoever…. money wasted

  5. Mothers Milk is loaded with Ketones. Babies are born in Ketoses and stay there as long as thy are breast fed.

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