What Will Happen After The Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Is Filed?

Part 12 of a series of FAQs at http://www.cliffordlaw.com/chicago-medical-malpractice-lawyers/FAQ-videos. This video answers the question “What will happen after the medical malpractice lawsuit is filed?” It features Susan Capra, a registered nurse and Chicago medical malpractice attorney who is a partner with Clifford Law Offices (see a transcript of Susan’s answer below). If you think you may have a medical malpractice case, call us at 1 (866) 896-6896. Consulting with one of our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can provide a sound basis on whether to pursue an action in court.

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Susan’s answer:

Susan, what will happen after the lawsuit is filed?
SAC: A process John, called discovery. And basically what discovery is, is where the attorneys will engage in various practices to determine the facts of the case that will be presented at trial. The attorneys will exchange written questions, those are called Interrogatories. And the client will have to answer some written questions under oath. There is also something called a Request to Produce, where you will send a request to a hospital for documents, for records, for films, you may request policies and procedures from the hospital. You may request a credential file on the doctor. So documents will be exchanged back and forth between the parties. And then the majority of the discovery process involves taking depositions. And depositions are simply asking questions and the plaintiff or the doctor answers them under oath and then this can be used at trial as a way of pinning down testimony. Normally in a medical malpractice case, the plaintiff will give a deposition and then the defendant doctor will give a deposition. Then other fact witnesses will give depositions, perhaps nurses or respiratory therapists. After those depositions are done, the defense or even the plaintiff may want to take the depositions of those treating physicians, physicians who have treated after the malpractice has occurred. The last type of deposition that is taken involves the experts. The plaintiff’s experts will give depositions the plaintiff’s attorney will take the depositions of the defense experts. And it’s not unusual in a medical malpractice case for there to be dozens of depositions that are taken. I mean, I have had cases where we have had close to 100 depositions taken in a medical malpractice case. It takes time and a lot of depositions go in medical malpractice case.
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'Jumping Eagle vs. US': Lawsuit filed against DAPL

Amidst nationwide protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, a lawsuit has been filed challenging the project on the basis of the ecological risks involved and the threat it poses to human health. Plaintiff Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle and civil liberties activist Tangerine Bolen join RT America’s Manila Chan to explain their case.

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  1. The pipeline is probably finished and oil is probably starting to flow through it. It take approximately 23 days for oil to fill the entire pipeline. Then it will be operational. The courts have rule and there is precedence that favors the pipeline and DAPL.,,

  2. How much more historical proof is needed?? Worldwide pollution and destruction of indigenous societies for decades is ignored and the corporations just keep profits above all else.

  3. ~ Thank You! Their Dominating Act Saddens me GREATLY! The WHOLE POINT To PROTECT is Written in Fed. Rule; Business in 'Down' the list. NO They DON'T Understand; Have Not TRIED to Oped Their Eyes; Walked the Woods, Followed the Water, Smelled the Flowers, or Listen for the Song. ASK these guys WHAT is Close to self, Makes their Heart Sing. The Dance of the Lands is a Song, Just NEED to Listen. ~ Waki Ijiwebis-I

  4. Human health an ecological risk that's involved, are you kidding me. They spray us every day with harmful chemicals in our skies. Please tell me more about human health.

  5. sorry but why would anyone be opposed to blocking the pipeline unless we are psychopath corporation that only focuses on short term money making.

  6. Every lawyer in this country needs to attack the broken treaties, the destruction of the water of life, and the greedy people of North Dakota who think they can walk all over human rights and use their heinous governor and police forces to do assaults and batteries on innocent people in prayer. This still is the United States of America where life must be respected. By life, I don't mean zygote life but real breathing, human beings with cognition and awareness of how they are being destroyed unjustly.

  7. You can't bring an emotional plea to a court room that doesn't involve a jury. Judges rule based on precedent, facts, and evidence.

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