Lawsuit Filed Over Rescheduled Ann Coulter Speech At UCB

Melissa Caen reports on suit filed by GOP group over rescheduled Ann Coulter speech at UC Berkeley (4-24-2017)
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4 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed Over Rescheduled Ann Coulter Speech At UCB”

  1. Someone would have to literally pay me to sit in a room for her, even then, I would have to do some serious cleansing of aura when I went home. I tried to listen to her and she is very dark and depressing. How sad to be this woman.

  2. Trump should threaten Berkley and send in the national guard like Reagan did. That would get them to do their jobs. All the violence can easily be stopped if the beta male mayor did his job and made the police arrest these terrorists, as well as prosecute these offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Also forcing people to remove masks would help. It's ok for campuses to ban offensive holloween costumes but not masks? They offend me, and make me feel unsafe, because they look like ISIS. Therefore they should be banned right?

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