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Ashley on Whitefish Island
just filed
Image by Billy Wilson Photography
© Billy Wilson 2010

Flickr has suspended my account, so I cannot interact with people on here anymore until they lift the suspension. They claim that I add so many favorites that it is considered an abuse of resources. I am hoping to convince them to lift this suspension. All of my images have been knocked out of Explore and the Flickr search engine. I am unable to favorite or comment on anyone’s photos. I am not the only one who has had this happen to them lately. They also accused me of using a script or automated process to fave other member’s images, which isn’t true, I don’t even know how to use a script or even what one is! I personally fave every image that you see in my favorites stream.

A point I would like to make is, dispite whether you think excessive faving manually is right or wrong, it was never stated that there was a limit of the number of faves you can make or how many you can make per unit of time. Even in Flickr’s FAQ it states "There is no limit on the number of favorites you can have." So, they are saying that I violated Flickr’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, even though I never violated anything explicitly stated there. Hence, they are punishing me for something that they never even cited as an offence to Flickr’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

UPDATE I just got a message saying that the suspension on my account will be lifted!

A shot of Ashley sitting along the boardwalk on Whitefish Island. This is Ashley, I met her on Model Mayhem, her Model Mayhem number is 1216213.

About the Photo
*Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS *Lens: EF 50mm ƒ/1.8 II *Shutter Speed: 1/15 Sec. *Aperture Value: ƒ/5.6 *ISO: 100 *Focal Length 50mm (80mm Equvalent in 35mm Film)

I shot this on a tripod using mirror lockup and a remote switch. Ashley was sitting on the edge of the boardwalk during this pose.

To the right of the camera I had a Canon Speedlite 430EX II at full power pointed towards her about 3 feet away. To the left of the camera I had a Vivitar flash at full power being diffused by a cloth. I had someone hold the Vivitar flash out over the water while on the light stand to help provide wrap around light coming from behind the model to help separate her from the background. The Speedlite was triggered by a Canon ST-E2 wireless Speedlite transmitter and the Vivitar flash was triggered optically.

I opened the RAW file in ACR and added tone mapping effects to the image by increasing the clarity multiple times using the spot adjustment brush and the basic panel. To give these effects I also increased the recovery, fill light, and blacks sliders to recover detail. I manipulated the tone curve to keep the luminance in the image balanced. I also adjusted the hue and saturation of each colour individually.

I opened the RAW file in CS4 and saved it as a 16 bit TIFF and continued to edit the file. I placed it on the original unedited image and changed the blend mode to luminousity so I could avoid the weird HDR colours that come from tone mapping. I added a mask to the tone mapped image and removed the detail enhancements from some pieces to make the image look better. To increase the detail enhancements on the clothing I did some dodging and burning to give it a more contrasty look.

I used the sponge tool to saturate certain parts of the image like the reflection in the water. I softened the light on the model by using healing tools to remove the hard edge. I used the tools in liquify to slightly change the shape of some of the features on her face. I used the dodge and burn tools to make the eyes stand out more and used the brush tool on a layer set to blend mode color to paint the eyes a bluer colour. At the end I saved a 16 bit TIFF file, converted to sRGB colourspace and saved as a JPEG to upload to the internet.

Looks Great Large on Black!

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