The Story of Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Bill Maher Over An Orangutan Joke (Full)

The Story of Donald Trump's lawsuit against Bill Maher Over An Orangutan Joke (Full)

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20 thoughts on “The Story of Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Bill Maher Over An Orangutan Joke (Full)”

  1. Is this just another which hunt on Trump to tow the line of the deep state? the real power in the usa? destroy Iran Trump or else destroy China Trump we are ready now n finally war with Russia Trump so we can impose our diabolical nwo n slavery for humanity forever under our control? how else would all the leeches turn against hi same time? however much he tries to please them nothing less will do for them, i do ot think he is that bad

  2. Jewish Bill Maher says you better not make a joke like this about a Jew—or he will call you an anti-Semite!!!   And you will be fired.

  3. Look at Trump as a 35yr old man, then look at this ugly fucking proboscis monkey Maher… This lefty seems to believe he is some kind of 'looker' … Funny as could be… Has he ever looked at his ridiculous nose???! Ha! ….Who would you rather look like? Obviously not the repulsive Maher!! ….Trump was a cool fucker – Maher is an ugly, repulsive wanker. That's "the joke", Bill…. It's you and your retarded, brainwashed fans… But the punch line is – Trump won. It is something that you will never be able to erase… History has it written large – losers! Goodnight, Bill 'Brad Pitt' Maher…

  4. Maher needs to summit to a DNA test to see if he has frog DNA, since he is such a today for Hillary Clinton.

  5. This is clearly not possible. Humans and orangutans are primates but are of different species. Hence they are biologically separate organisms, hence incapable of reproducing. Besides, if (very big if) Stewart's suggestion is true (not saying it is, of course), then King Loogie should be infertile. Which would imply that his kids aren't….. Uhhhhmmmm…..

    Forget what I said.

  6. Bill Maher loves sucking jewish cock to get into hollywood. Funny how he compared trump to an Orangutan. Niggers are clearly the closest related to monkeys.

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