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Starry Night Rose – Hybrid Oil & HDR
just filed
Image by ♡ dare to share beauty
Mixed media photomanipulation combining an HDR rose macro and a public domain painting called The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh (circa 1889). The latter being one of my all-time favorite traditional artists, I just wish he lived longer to share more of his vision.

In any case, here’s hoping to breathe fresh new life into van Gogh’s painting by blending it with a modern HDR photo of mine. Some people may wonder why I would share this as stock, but my belief has always been that stock does not have to be any different than art except for the purposes it serves and how it can be used. So I’m happy to share this as long as it can be appreciated and put to good use 🙂

This photo is released under a standard Creative Commons License – Attribution 3.0 Unported. It gives you a lot of freedom to use my work commercially as long as you credit and link back to the same free image from my website,

Dormition Cathedral. January 2007
just filed
Image by Matt. Create.
Sometimes files sit on your hard drive forever because you just can’t convey the mood and feeling you want. Obviously I took a few liberties with the processing here, but I like what it conveys to me. I hope you like it too.

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