Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Over ‘Zootopia’ Movie

Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Over 'Zootopia' Movie

According to the claim of a new lawsuit, Disney’s smash hit animated film ‘Zootopia’ is a rip-off. In the suit, which was filed Tuesday in California, writer Gary Goldman’s Esplanade Productions claims that Goldman pitched the idea for a “Zootopia” franchise in the years 2000 and 2009, but was rejected. The suit reads, “Mr. Goldman provided a treatment, a synopsis, character descriptions, character illustrations, and other materials.” It then adds, “He even provided a title for the franchise: ‘Zootopia.’ Instead of lawfully acquiring Goldman’s work, Defendants said they were not interested in producing it and sent him on his way.”


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4 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed Against Disney Over ‘Zootopia’ Movie”

  1. Most of the people involved in this lawsuit are old timers, people who played back in the day when helmets and protective gear were sub par. Furthermore, back in the day only a few people were getting paid big bucks. My dad played for the seahawks when they were a new team and there was much more grey back then, he didn't sign up for strokes, blackouts, and brain damage similar to those in combat, it's easy to right it off when your looking from the outside in., not so much when it affects you..

  2. Why doesn't the NFL just require the players to sign a waiver before they sign their contract? The contract can state that "Serious injury can occur while playing in the NFL… Including head injuries not limited to concussions". Let's see how many guys walk away from their multi-million dollar contracts…. Probably none! A lawsuit is ridiculous!

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