Defamation lawsuit filed on behalf of Trump accuser

Attorney Gloria Allred announces she filed a defamation lawsuit against President-elect Donald Trump on behalf of Summer Zervos, who claims Trump subjected her to unwanted sexual touching. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

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20 thoughts on “Defamation lawsuit filed on behalf of Trump accuser”

  1. During the Republican primaries, this woman wrote a letter to Donald Trump's assistance, to ask if Donald could stop by her restaurant for some sort of Political P.R. event. She didn't seem "upset" or "scared" then.

  2. We democrats must stop all sexual advances ! Summer, your cousin has already disputed your claims…I can take care of him for you.  Your happy email to Trump disputed your current feelings…..I can delete your emails for you.

  3. SO WHY NOW..?? its all i want to know, or didn't she see the process of taking a billionaire to court as enough of a challenge so she decided to wait until he becomes 'the most powerful' man in the world to come forward with her fantasy… beeech you couldn't crack it in the apprentice, and i can promise you one thing, you not gonna get to the final round this time either

  4. AWESOME, I want to see Trump on trial – he is REQUIRED to testify. If he's caught lying he will be impeached.

    Welcome to hell, Comrades Trump you fucking Russian puppet!

  5. last time I checked lie detectors are not admissible in court so who gives a fuck what she passed you can't even use it as evidence in a murder case it is simply a tool for interrogation to trick people into admitting crimes we all know this

  6. Lie-detector tests are bullshit and everyone knows it. It's based on pseudo-science. After all the stumpings this man has dished out, and all the liars he has stepped over, do you REALLY think he's going to get tripped up on this? I don't.

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