Nice Filed Lawsuit photos

A few nice filed lawsuit images I found:

Parti Gras 12
filed lawsuit
Image by Anonymous9000
Parti Gras ’09 on February 21st in Clearwater, Florida. Awesome Xenu helm complete with flying saucer and psyche drugs.

As part of the 13th straight month of protests in over 50 cities around the world, Anonymous marched in what the scientology CULT calls it’s "Mecca". With a free concert downtown, many locals were drawn to the area and public support was overwhelming. Many LULZ were had and many Parti Gras beads with small fliers attached were given

Last week the mother of Kyle Brennan filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the cult and three of it’s members, one being the sister of the cult leader, David Miscavige. Kyle wasn’t a scientologist, but unfortunately for him his father was and Kyle died in Clearwater.

Front page newspaper article:

Horrific PDF of court filing:

All faces of those unmasked are blurred to protect them from the cult’s "Fair Game" policy of harassing it’s critics. These are brave people of all ages and walks of life, standing shoulder to shoulder with ex-Scientologists to bring the truth TO YOU.

But don’t take my word for it, educate yourself about what TIME Magazine called "The Cult of Greed and Power":

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