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James Dyson
filed lawsuits
Image by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
Sir James Dyson puts on Dyson product launch with a difference: Sydney, Australia…

Sir James Dyson, the British billionaire industrial designer (not to be confused with Tony Stark from Iron Man – Marvel Comics fame) who invented the dual cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, has just finished hosting his fabulous launch event at the Sydney Theatre Co Ltd, Pier 4.

It’s understood he took a fair swipe at "competitor) robot vacuums as "pathetic" with poor suction and no navigating skills. Yes, the others suck – but not in a good way.

A lot of the (product) attention was on his latest product, a tap that can also dry your hands in about 12 seconds. Dyson, who rocketed his company to nearly 4000 staff and .5 billion in annual sales, advised he would only launch a robot vacuum when he got it right.

New product snapshot – the Dyson hybrid dryer-tap…

Robot models launched in Australia recently include the 9 Robomaid, LG’s Roboking range (9-49) and Samsung’s 9 Navibot. Dyson didn’t name and shame but was dismissive of the current lot, criticising their navigation and efficiency which meant they offered poor battery performance and cleaning ability.

"They’ve got whiskers sticking out of them – whiskers don’t clean anything they just disturb the birds," he told Fairfax Media.

"It’s a difficult job and I’m not rushing out a gimmick robot to pretend to people we’re cleaning the floor, we’re not doing that we’re doing it properly."

Robomaid is one of the robot vacuums on the market.

Despite coming up with his vacuum cleaner breakthrough in the late 1970s, it only reached the British market 10 years later, and Dyson is now a global market leader. A third of British homes now have a Dyson.

The company has also launched other innovations such as bladeless fans and an "Airblade" hand dryer that uses jets of air to scrape the water off the hands. The same sort of technology but with a far more advanced motor ("three times faster than any electric motor has gone before") powers the new hybrid dryer-taps.

Dyson has wrestled for years to prevent companies copying his designs, winning a million damages award from Hoover in 2000. Now, the main offenders are out of Asia and Dyson thinks intellectual property protection is weaker because people are getting away with copying.

"Koreans and the Chinese are copying things and I think it’s very bad," he said. "It’s said by certain people that that increases competition, actually it decreases competition because all they’re doing is copying the market leader."

He said the copycat companies could produce cheaper products because they haven’t incurred all the development costs and associated risks.

"It’s morally wrong, I think it’s legally wrong and I think it hurts the consumers because the consumer doesn’t get a choice," he said. "Intellectual property should be supported better; the law should be made stronger."

In October last year Dyson filed a lawsuit alleging a "spy" employee stole the blueprints to a £100 million (9.7 million) technology and passed them to rival Bosch.

Dyson said western countries such as Australia and Britain need to focus on educating more scientists and engineers, as they are increasingly being overtaken by countries in Asia.

"40 per cent of all graduates from Singapore are engineers," he said. "For Britain, Australia, the US and other European countries to compete in any way they’ve got to heavily arm themselves with technology."

Classy event in Sydney…

It wasn’t a cheap and nasty event, as is too often the case with product launches. Dyson impressed with wit, goodwill and loads of great food and drinks, which looked and tasted 5 star. It was a great vibe and news media was treated with respect, friendliness and delicious treats. How could we not share the story and photos far and wide across media and internet – which was no doubt another masterstroke by the colourful billionaire and his brains trust. If you have the budget – Dysons’ are well worth a close look.


Dyson Australia

Eva Rinaldi Photography

Operation The Heat Is On 92
filed lawsuits
Image by Anonymous9000
Clearwater Anon’s Operation The Heat is on Cake that was no lie. It’s a medley of heat themed song lyrics starting out with Glenn Fry’s "The Heat is On" from Beverly Hills Cop then transitioning into others.

July 2010 was the 30th consecutive month of peaceful global protests against the scientology cult’s criminality and human rights abuses. With our brutal Florida summers now in full swing and the heat being put on scientology from multiple fronts this summer Clearwater, Florida went with Operation: The Heat is On. Recently in the Tampa Bay area the St. Petersburg times continued it’s investigative expose on scientology with front page coverage detailing coerced abortions among other things. Expect more on that front shortly. Also in Tampa Bay new weekly interviews with ex-scientologists are being aired on Hillsborough Community College’s Hawk Radio 1520 AM. In Australia Senator Nick Xenophon secures inquiry in to a public benefit test for charities and religion, which if adopted will specifically challenge the cult’s charitable status there. In Italy the authorities raided the cult’s Org in Turin for nine hours. Investigators are said to have found secret archives with files on magistrates, policemen, journalists, and relatives of former followers. And of course there’s several pending lawsuits by former members against the cult for human trafficking, forced abortions, etc.

But no where is the heat being put on the scientology cult as much as Australia.

June 28-29 2010 Australian public benefit test
Australian Senate link: www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/economics_ctte/public_ben…
Xenu TV coverage: www.xenutv.com/blog/?p=4902
June 29th ABC coverage www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/29/2939759.htm?sectio…
July 1st A Current Affair coverage: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAf4W26-cKU&feature=player_em…
Complete Day 1 Video & Transcripts: forums.whyweprotest.net/318-senator-xenophon-scientology/…
Complete Day 2 video: forums.whyweprotest.net/318-senator-xenophon-scientology/…

July 8 2010 Today Tonight

Additionally, two long time, high level cultists blew in the last couple weeks:
Marsha Pearlman Sorensen
Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch, the former wife of apparently missing (read: RPF’ed) cult president Herber Jentzsch.

All faces of those unmasked are blurred to protect them from the cult’s "Fair Game" policy of harassing it’s critics. These are brave people of all ages and walks of life, standing shoulder to shoulder with ex-Scientologists to bring the truth TO YOU.

But don’t take my word for it, educate yourself about what TIME Magazine called "The Cult of Greed and Power":

CAUTION don’t slip on the wet floor
filed lawsuits
Image by ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓
or you’ll have to file a cyber lawsuit or whatever it is internet losers do nowadays

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