Operation The Heat Is On 17

Some cool filed lawsuit images:

Operation The Heat Is On 17
filed lawsuit
Image by Anonymous9000
The cult’s "Clearwater Bank Building" (CBB) in the background.

Last month the cult blatantly stole this Anon’s authentic scientology "volunteer ministers" jacket during our protest, which had been donated a few months before by an ex-sci who had seen our earlier protests in Clearwater and realized what the cult was telling her about Anonymous didn’t jive with what she saw on the protest signs. She went home, did her homework on the internet, found out the truth about the cult and soon blew from (aka- left) staff. The jacket was a gift of thanks from this ex to Clearwater Anons.

Within 7 days of the jacket being reported stolen to the Clearwater Police and on the internet the Anon had received not one but TWO full vintage Sea Org uniforms from other ex-sci’s, of which she’s posing in one. Note the fake medal ribbons on the right above the sign.

I’ve got news for you cultists, especially Peter "Peetie" Mansell, the cult’s OSA (Office of Special Affairs, their laughably named investigative arm) chief dufus in Clearwater . You pulled it in and we still run this.

July 2010 was the 30th consecutive month of peaceful global protests against the scientology cult’s criminality and human rights abuses. With our brutal Florida summers now in full swing and the heat being put on scientology from multiple fronts this summer Clearwater, Florida went with Operation: The Heat is On. Recently in the Tampa Bay area the St. Petersburg times continued it’s investigative expose on scientology with front page coverage detailing coerced abortions among other things. Expect more on that front shortly. Also in Tampa Bay new weekly interviews with ex-scientologists are being aired on Hillsborough Community College’s Hawk Radio 1520 AM. In Australia Senator Nick Xenophon secures inquiry in to a public benefit test for charities and religion, which if adopted will specifically challenge the cult’s charitable status there. In Italy the authorities raided the cult’s Org in Turin for nine hours. Investigators are said to have found secret archives with files on magistrates, policemen, journalists, and relatives of former followers. And of course there’s several pending lawsuits by former members against the cult for human trafficking, forced abortions, etc.

But no where is the heat being put on the scientology cult as much as Australia.

June 28-29 2010 Australian public benefit test
Australian Senate link: www.aph.gov.au/senate/committee/economics_ctte/public_ben…
Xenu TV coverage: www.xenutv.com/blog/?p=4902
June 29th ABC coverage www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/06/29/2939759.htm?sectio…
July 1st A Current Affair coverage: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAf4W26-cKU&feature=player_em…
Complete Day 1 Video & Transcripts: forums.whyweprotest.net/318-senator-xenophon-scientology/…
Complete Day 2 video: forums.whyweprotest.net/318-senator-xenophon-scientology/…

July 8 2010 Today Tonight

Additionally, two long time, high level cultists blew in the last couple weeks:
Marsha Pearlman Sorensen
Karen De La Carriere/Jentzsch, thge former wife of apparently missing (read: RPF’ed) cult president Herber Jentzsch.

All faces of those unmasked are blurred to protect them from the cult’s "Fair Game" policy of harassing it’s critics. These are brave people of all ages and walks of life, standing shoulder to shoulder with ex-Scientologists to bring the truth TO YOU.

But don’t take my word for it, educate yourself about what TIME Magazine called "The Cult of Greed and Power":

2nd Citizens Choice 10
filed lawsuit
Image by Anonymous9000
June 19, 2010 marked the 29th consecutive month of peaceful global protests against the scientology cult. Clearwater went with a second citizen’s choice theme. A 22 year citizen of Clearwater came by to talk to us and told the tale of how Clearwater tried to fight the cult in the beginning but then "sold their soul to the devil". The disgusted citizen then threw his arms out wide and said "when you sell your soul to the devil this is what you get!" indicating a downtown largely deserted and with the cult itself owning the vast majority of it.

This month the cult showed it’s true criminal nature by having one of their teens who was a plant in the protest group commit theft by stealing a scientology volunteer ministers jacket which had been a gift form an ex-cultist to a Clearwater Anon. The plant asked if he could wear it for one protest march, the owner unwisely said okay. Very quickly in to the march the plant tells me he’s going to run and grab his brother (who was always with him at the two other protests they attended) and he’ll meet us at the intersection we were enroute to.

I said okay, but leave the jacket. You can put it back on when you return. He said I’ll only be a minute. I said no, we don’t know you well enough to let you ride off with it on your bike. He says I don’t want to take it off so I’ll just come with you and call my brother. Then as soon as I turned my back on him to cross the street he sped off on his bike as fast as he could go. A police report was filed for theft of property.

I was very suspicions about those two since the first time they showed up to a protest in March of this year. Their stories simply did not add up. As one example: a teen who says he doesn’t go on the internet while feverishly fiddling with a blackberry at every opportunity. As the disgusted Clearwater Police Officer said when I told him of my earlier suspicions "well you were right!"

These are the two scilon plants we had dubbed "the bike twins" who claimed to be brothers. The one on the right is the one who stole the jacket: www.flickr.com/photos/anonymous9000/4529262252/ And the one in the background here with the VM backpack:

We still have the cult VM backpack we were given at the same time as the jacket and the cult will be seeing a lot more of that at future protests. We protested an extra hour this day and some of the protestors vowed to protest several days in a row this week as a result of being victimized by this cult’s criminal actions.

Since last month’s protests scientology and it’s abuses have once again made headlines across the world and two Anonymous megaraids have taken place.

5/12/10 Australian Senator Nick Xenophon secures inquiry in to a public benefit test for charities and religions. "This proposed amendment is no threat to charities or religions acting in the public good," Nick said. "It is simply designed to ensure that people who derive benefit from the Australian taxpayer actually provide benefit to the Australian people through good works."
A similar public benefit test has operated in the UK since 2006, and crucially under the UK model, any identifiable benefit is balanced against any detriment or harm.
"For more than six months we have heard devastating allegations of abuse within the Church of Scientology. We have heard allegations of coerced abortions, false imprisonment, stalking, harassment, extortion, obstruction of justice, and serious labour violations," Nick said. "This test would ensure that these harms would have to be taken into account when deciding whether an organisation receives tax exempt status."


5/19/10 The daughter of the cult president in Australia speaks out about scientology describing it as "toxic" and accusing it of tearing some famlies apart.

5/20/10 From Australia "Top Scientologist ‘covered up sex abuse’"

5/27/10 Weekly news magazine "Veintitrés" in Argentina covers the cult:

5/29-31 Boston Megaraid with speeches on day two by former cultists Larry Brennan, Nancy May and Steve Hassan

6/4-6 European Megaraid in London

6/17 – 6/18/10 St. Pete Times continues it’s Truth Rundown series of investigative journalism with two new front pages covering coerced abortions in scientology’s SeaOrg paramilitary group and a current lawsuit against the cult. The coerced abortions story spread like wildfire acrosst the internet.

6/17/10 Ex-scientologist Lance DeMarco is interviewed and describes how the cult leader David Miscagive aka "command intent" ordered himself and his superiors in Clearwater to violate Florida State law with regard to children’s education. The MP3 of the interview is available here:

But don’t take my word for it, educate yourself about what TIME Magazine called "The Cult of Greed and Power":

The Weapon Makers …item 1.. Chased by law, Lotto ticket ‘courier’ shuts down Florida service — sent scurrying by a bit of state-issued varmint removal (November 21, 2011) …
filed lawsuit
Image by marsmet525
Late Friday, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed suit against LottoGopher parent company Engage BDR, asking a Leon County judge to ban the website from operating in the state, and demanding full restitution for all subscriber fees it has collected.

…….***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……
…..item 1)…. The Miami Herald … www.miamiherald.com … Posted on Monday, 11.21.11

Chased by law, Lotto ticket ‘courier’ shuts down Florida service

A California-based website created quite the stir last month when it began offering the online sale of Powerball tickets. But the service has been dropped after the attorney general’s office intervened.



To quote Carl Spackler, the deranged greenskeeper played by Bill Murray in the cult comedy hit Caddyshack :

“Au revoir, Gopher.”

As quickly as LottoGopher.com popped its head out to announce its arrival, the online Powerball ticket brokerage service has burrowed back underground, sent scurrying by a bit of state-issued varmint removal.

LottoGopher, the California-based website that expanded into the Sunshine State last month, shut down its Florida operations over the weekend — not by choice.

Late Friday, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed suit against LottoGopher parent company Engage BDR, asking a Leon County judge to ban the website from operating in the state, and demanding full restitution for all subscriber fees it has collected.

Bondi’s rationale: LottoGopher was in violation of Florida Statute 24.118, which restricts how lottery tickets are distributed.

The law states that anyone who induces others to assign or transfer their right to claim a prize, or who makes mention of the Florida Lottery without authorization, is committing a misdemeanor offense. Until this past weekend, LottoGopher did both.

“The company is violating state law and creating confusion among our players,” said Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell. “No one is permitted to charge a fee to redeem a player’s winning ticket, yet that is what this company does. A Florida Lottery player should never be asked to pay for something they already receive free of charge.”

A message left at the office of LottoGopher general counsel Danielle P. Barger was not immediately returned Monday.

But the website’s abrupt about-face — stripping all mention of Florida Powerball ticket sales shortly after the injunction was filed — spoke volumes, a Lotto spokesman said.

Before its inglorious end, LottoGopher offered Florida Powerball players a chance to buy tickets for the multi-state drawing online and with a credit card — both of which are banned by the state.

But LottoGopher creator James Morel tried to sidestep those restrictions with this caveat: The website wasn’t actually selling tickets, but rather acting as a courier service for members who didn’t want to be bothered by a trip to 7-Eleven. The company didn’t charge its subscribers more than the each

Powerball entry costs, but instead collected a moderate monthly fee. Members would have 100 percent of all their winnings credited back to their online accounts, Morel told The Miami Herald last month.

But it only took a month of study for the state to cry foul.
In addition to the alleged law-breaking, closer inspection of the site’s fine print uncovered some significant red flags, the lawsuit says.

Most glaring: LottoGopher’s disclaimer that the company is not liable for failure to perform any of its obligations, including but not limited to collecting winnings, if it is prevented from doing so by the actions of any lottery commission.

In essence, the service is telling its customers: If the state won’t let us cash in your million-dollar ticket, it’s not our fault. And the onus is on you to make sure we’re not breaking the law.

“Members are purchasing an illusory service,” the lawsuit said. “This constitutes an unfair act or practice.”

Bondi’s office has requested the courts to bar LottoGopher from soliciting consumers within the state of Florida, engaging in transfers of the right to claim a lottery prize, and the company from claiming its subscribers’ winnings and forfeiting the balances.

Also, the state seeks full restitution for all subscriber fees, plus civil penalties in the amount of ,000 per violation.

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