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Lebow_Clothing_Building – 07
filed lawsuits
Image by Logan Hicks
This is from the Lebow Clothing company building in Baltimore. The building has been empty for decades. I owned a warehouse across the street from this place for a few years, and always looked at this building and thought about breaking in and seeing what was in there.

Inside the building there are still thousands of coats, jackets, and suits. Unfortunately most of them have been dry rotted, or eaten by moths. There were hundreds of steam press machines, sewing machines, and file cabinets still sitting there as though the workers punched out, walked out the door, and left everything as they had worked on it. I was going to snag a few of the jackets that managed to stay in good shape, but I decided it was best to leave things exactly as i had found them so that others could find them after me. Not to mention that the best way to get caught sneaking into a place is to walk out with an armful of stuff you didnt walk in with.

This is the first picture from the series. I will be uploading more pictures as I finish processing them.


"Lebow Clothing Factory was built in the 1930’s and was the manufacturer of the high-end Lebow Clothes label, best known for its men’s suits and sportcoat collection. At its peak in the 50’s and 60’s, it employed several thousand blue-collar workers in Baltimore until it closed its doors in 1985. The building was sold, but after sitting vacant for the last five years, the city seized the property. Currently, there is a lawsuit pending against the city over the seizure of the property. ."

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