Racketeering Lawsuit Filed Over Election Fraud That Cost Bernie Sanders the Election

Racketeering Lawsuit Filed Over Election Fraud That Cost Bernie Sanders the Election

We already knew that election fraud had been rampant this election season, but a new racketeering lawsuit that will be filed claims it was so widespread it cost Bernie Sanders the election. We review the details of the suit and discuss why the lawsuit is necessary. The problem, however, is that time is running out.

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Watch Sane Progressive’s Interview With Bob Fitrakis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5ZqA87dL5E

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19 thoughts on “Racketeering Lawsuit Filed Over Election Fraud That Cost Bernie Sanders the Election”

  1. having election fraud is one thing but having enough to swing the election is another.

    there is nothing that shows the uncounted ballots in NY or CA were going to give bernie a majority at all. So hillary still won those states no matter how you look at it.

    as for the south, bernie did well in open caucus states and hillary does well in the south. there is no reason not to assume this pattern makes sense throughout the election, but even if you gave those states to bernie he still would have lost.

    he needed CA and NY to have any chance of winning the election. the american people failed bernie and they have nothing to blame but themselves.

  2. It's funny that European countries should ban electronic voting machines, since they simply ban opposition to candidates. Democracy is the biggest joke ever told.

  3. Voting and vote tabulation methodology should be conducted at the most
    local levels but held to a uniform national standard. First, use NO
    MACHINES WHATSOEVER. Paper ballots should be used, with a big box where
    you put your "X" beside each candidate's name. These ballots should
    NEVER leave the precinct. Poll workers at the precinct should manually
    count the ballots and manually tabulate them, with representatives of
    each party doing a separate tabulation and cross-checking the results
    with each other. The paper ballots should then be locked in a safe and
    the agreed-upon vote totals should be sent both manually and
    electronically to the state offices. These results should appear online
    at each state's Sec of State website, with short videos where we see the
    faces of the tabulators TELLING us the totals they counted for their
    precincts. No one will be able to game or cheat such a system without
    compromising a massive number of both Democrat AND Republican poll
    workers. Not happening. And of course, FREE photo voter ID cards should
    be issued to each voter, to prevent multiple votes.

  4. The irregularities in the democratic primary voting may not lead to the conclusion that "Hillary or her people did it ". I have a different thought. What if the vote purging etc was done to obtain a precieved weaker candidate to run against (Hillary Clinton )

  5. sorry they rigged the election and Hillary got the nomination…polling data in Europe is accurate polling in the US RNC primaries was accurate only in the DNC primaries did the polling numbers and vote results differ…if they do file the lawsuit it'll never get to court before the election

  6. The media and the DNC said Bernie "gave his votes to Hillary" so she was given the nomination… is that even LEGAL??? Seems like it should be ILLEGAL!!

  7. So was the FBI examining the over 100% vote for Obama in inner city Cleveland and Philadelphia? How about voter fraud? No, Obama's FBI only swings one way.

    Anyway everyone should use open-source voting machine software. This isn't rocket science, it's nuts to have it even copyrighted.

  8. In 2012 in both Ohio and Pennsylvania Obama got 99 percent of the votes and there were stories all over the internet about Republicans voting for Romney and the printed slip came out Democrat across the board on them. There is absolutely no point in voting in America anymore. It is truly just an illusion of choice. We as people of this country need to grow our spine back and start the revolution. Our Constitution allows for it. Hence that 2nd amendment the Socialist Democrats want to take away. They know if private citizens do not own guns they can go full on Stalin or Kim jong un on is. Please people think really hard on this…and just don't vote this next election. I promise you that nasty liar with a vajayjay (Shillary) has already won. Your vote is not needed. (Oh don't forget dead people were voting for Obama in Florida and several other Southern states. Don't believe me look it up) In Ohio a woman was jailed federally for admitting on the news she voted 3 times in 3 different towns. She even voted for a recently dead friend. America it is seriously time we revolt.

  9. Come on people, do you really think the DNC would have nominated her before the FBI investigation was finished,if they weren't sure charges would not be brought? This corruption has permeated the entire government. We are now a joke!
    Now we have another scandal, voter fraud. The possibility of being monitored by the U.N. for voter fraud! A possible R.I.C.O lawsuit. We are becoming a banana republic!

  10. This is the only rational reason why Hillary can act so confident. By all other accounts, she should be looking to raise bail money.

  11. I must be dense. fuck the lawsuit, give US the Intel before the erection MORON. That will prove your not one of them. And WE can vote it out before SHTF….

  12. Why can't you even be honest when you post your title? Bernie was no shoe in to win an election. I hate HC but her lies are lies, just like you lie to yourself and to others on this video title. If BS was going to be such a great leader you might have thought he would have averted the fraud. HE WAS PART OF IT. He endorsed clinton. That tells you nothing?

  13. The Democrats, most of them know that Hillary sold a lot of information to foreign countries for money, they know about the chain and relentless crimes committed throughout the years such as the 33000 classified e-mails, been bribed by private interests, lobbyist and bankers, lying under oath, the fiasco of the Canadian (not even American) Clinton foundation that is so murky which accepted moneys from enemy countries for favors against USA, etc, etc, a lifetime of lies and deceptions. In other hand many of the Christian Principles are totally incompatible with the liberality of the Democratic Party which makes it impossible for a true Christian to vote for the Democrats, in this case Hillary, because Sanders doesn't have a prayer (figuratively and literally), since Hillary Clinton has his lunch, breakfast and dinner, his delegates, many of his voters, and even his endorsement: he has been had right and left and right again and he didn't even notice it.

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