Nice Just Filed photos

A few nice just filed images I found:

Angel Island
just filed
Image by thefatrobot
This is at sunrise, shot from the Marin Headlands at Battery Spencer, looking toward Angel Island. The lights that you see at the bottom of the image are from the road leading to the Golden Gate Bridge. Initially I went out that morning to either get a San Francisco or Golden Gate Bridge sunrise shot, but the clouds were just covering the city completely. Even though it is a much different image than what I had hoped for, I am very happy how it turned out. I actually shot this over a month ago, but the raw files did not look interesting enough at first glance to process them. Glad I gave it another look.

02282012 NEW CAMERA! Canon 60D! 🙂
just filed
Image by StormLoverSwin93 | Into the Storm
Enjoying that new shutter sound with my brand new Canon EOS 60D.

This camera is a beast, I can shoot in low light with simplicity – that being said, I shoot with a Canon EF-S 17-85mm lens which opens up to f/4.0, given the fact that for being my basic lens for all purpose shooting, I have to make sure that shutter stays fast as possibly to expose properly and prevent blur.

I added several noticeable effects to this snapshot in Photoshop CS4 (vignette, color tone, levels, curves, contrast, desaturation of edge burn, and a few others) and CS5 (I have realized I can just use Adobe DNG RAW converter since CS4 doesn’t support 60D RAW files :P)

Can’t wait to see how this thing handles the stormy skies this spring. We have a chance of t-storms tonight! 😀

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