Computer Industry Faces More Lawsuits

Using the laptop computer industry in his plans to make money was a plan that a Texas personal injury lawyer came up with. Have a lawsuit filed against the company for a problem that never happened. This is not a laughing matter, especially if you are in the market for a laptop computer. Five other companies have also received lawsuits filed against them, which will most likely lead to an increase in prices.

Having filed a $ 9 billion lawsuit against a Japanese company specializing in appliances, a lawyer who was involved also in a lawsuit against a tobacco company managed to extract a settlement of $ 2 billion from the Japanese company. The company’s decision to settle the lawsuit last month was done to avoid the great risk of losing more if the lawsuit were brought to court.

From this, he and his fellow lawyers were able to get around $ 147 million in contingency fees. The computer manufacturer agreed to give cash rebates ranging from $ 210 to $ 443 to an estimated 1 million owners of its notebook computers bought since over ten years ago, and to make discount coupons available to an additional 3 million owners. Filed last March, the lawsuit was brought by two plaintiffs who owned laptops.

According to the men who had received $ 25,000 from the settlement, the laptops had a design flaw which made corruption of data loss a possible scenario. The damages that these men claimed could be caused by the flaw did not even affect them in any way.

The Japanese corporation never once received a call or letter complaining about this alleged defect in the laptop design. There were no complaints made by any of the computer maker’s customers until the two lawyers filed the lawsuit. Nothing in the company’s extensive tests revealed a loss of data due to this flaw.

The Japanese company would have suffered a terrible blow to its finances if they lost the jury trial. Legal observers can compare the company’s capitulation to throwing meat soaked with blood into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The sharks already showed up even though the sound of the splash did not fade yet. Personal injury lawyers targeted another five laptop computer manufacturers who used the NEC floppy control chip.

Not related businesses, they’re being hit with copycat lawsuits and discussing layoffs. The injury may have worsened. A New York financial analyst states a rise in computer prices because of these billion dollar settlements. The financial situations in the United States have been quite good for the past twenty years partly because of falling computer prices that are said to have kept inflation low.

Computers which used to cost thousands of dollars 20 years ago don’t match up to the low cost computers that exist now which only cost a few hundred dollars. Computer prices are sure to soar if laptop manufacturers are bullied just like the Japanese company. Those cannot afford it will not consider this as good news.

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