Excessive Force Lawsuit Filed Against Dallas County Jail

FULL VIDEO HERE: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/video/8883393-excessive-force-lawsuit-filed-against-former-dallas-county-jail-detention-officer/

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20 thoughts on “Excessive Force Lawsuit Filed Against Dallas County Jail”

  1. Keep Posting this Evil! So the World can Finally open its eyes to this misuse and extreme abuse of power. Good work! thank you.

  2. lf anyone wins a lawsuit against a cop, the cop should be made to pay part of the settlement. lf ut means selling their property and possessions to cover the cost, so be it.

  3. Clear case of abuse, but nobody cares. Shes not a black victim and only black lives matter now. Only black people get abused by the cops, not white people. Have you not been watching the news? Yet for every black person that gets abused by the police there is an equal amount of abuse on white people, but nobody cares, the media wont show it or report it. It's all about minorities now and you white people can go to hell.

  4. damn. shouldnt have crossed that red line. i can hear the inmate now: "get your fucking hands off…oh, hello floor….zzzzzz" lol

  5. I hope that fat assed wanna be cop never gets hired again and lives her life walking the TA and Pilot truck stop parking lots giving half and halfs for $25 as that's what she is worth!
    Yes truckers will pay anything in human form for a BJ!

  6. The officer who covered her eyes and walked away is the real problem here. We all know there are a few bad cops. But it's the ones who cover their eyes and walk away that let it keep happening.

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