Why I haven’t filed a federal lawsuit over the Jan 2nd, 2016 arrest

It’s just tragic and comedic, that people get so wrapped up in “if only the right president was elected, everything would be okay”, when it doesnt MATTER what any player in an evil game says, thinks, or does, when it comes to ruling over your life, and the life of your kids. its not the hes not your president because you reject him. hes not your president because according to logic and ethics, none of them were ever your president, and maybe you just havent had your own claims clarified enough to realize it.

everyone is an anarchist except violent thieves

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  1. using child porn is a useful tool for discrediting the opponent , much like the use of labeling one's opponent as crazy, mentally ill/unstable, or of diminished mental capacity. It is dismissive and tends to be a qualifier to render any testimony of your opponent impotent. It isolates the opponent, in that friends and would be supporters will be very reluctant to provide said support, or association with the accused.

  2. judges are part of a priesthood. Saturn devotees, known as the Galla. They were historically temple prostututes who emasculated themselves, removing their male genitaila and donned women's makeup for ceremonies worshipping the cebelye goddess. Who, besides judges, wear robes as a part of their official position to designate said position from the layperson?

  3. No one pulled any of that shit with me from my 2 federal lawsuits but I do believe I may have been poisoned with Uranium. I started feeling crazy months after filing and I started saving hair samples from my hair cuts because it made me think of metal toxicity which I had studied up on 4 years before thinking I might have had something going on then. I had thought trains that just would not stop and had a hell of time sleeping. My muscles were extra tight. Like they were going to snap at times. I finally had the money to run tests on those hair samples about a few months back, and I've been running other hair samples quarterly to track lead poisoning and other metal poisoning that I've been using the Cutler protocol to slowly, gently chelate. The freaking samples from 2013 have off the scale Uranium spikes. I should post a video with the graphs of the data.

    I spend 95% of my time in a room in bed because of a prior severe tendon injury. HTF does some one like me wind up with off the scale uranium in my hair samples? I've made sure for years to tell my friends and folks that no matter how painful and rough the situation with my hamstring tendons I would never harm myself because of the goals I still have that even a cripple can achieve. I've also made it clear that I think pedophiles ought to be executed with solid evidence and none of this shit from DAs working with weak circumstantial evidence that they might use to ruin people or just bump up their convictions regardless of how strong the evidence. How do intel agencies take out people who can make big waves? Various ways, including "slow kill" ways to make it look natural. Older people can get hit with heart attack weapons. That doesn't look as plausible for younger people. They have various tools at their disposal. Everyone has to make their own decisions on how far they want to go.

    But when you've already won a case that puts to question their racket, and advertised it on youtube, better watch your ass. And sometimes more publicity is a good thing to eliminate potential hit options from their list. If I was dosed with Uranium by it being put in my food or water at home I'll never know. I also lost a dog to a brain tumor that had behavioral symptoms start soon after I won my no DL case in 2012. I'll never know what happened there either.

    There might be some serious suffering ahead of any one going this path. But then the change we all want to see isn't going to come for free.I'll butt heads with them until I can't any more.I won't go out of my way, but if they start it, I'll be damned sure to finish it annhilating them in court by pointing out all of their own rules they violate. They hate that shit. There's nothing more terrifying to them. What can they say when you go through, get state certified copies of all the rules and laws that apply to leading up to an arraignment, and you file them into evidence and cite them in your motion to dismiss? They've delayed arguments 2 times for my current no DL case in Hilo, Hawaii. Their faces are priceless when you're on point and calling them out on the failure of the prosecution to follow those laws that would invoke the subject matter jurisdiction and the in personam jurisdiction. Prosecution in my case has already committed misdemeanors in attempting to push the "case" forward and by pretending as if the unsworn evidence filed by the cop is some how the required sworn complaint needed to confer subject matter jurisdiction, and which is then filed with a court clerk to get the clerk to issue a summons that they must serve on you with the complaint, then file proof of service to confer in personam jurisdiction upon the court.

    Every State has these requirements. Read your criminal/penal code. California has it. I beat a no DL case there. Arkansas has it, I helped another guy beat a no DL case there. And Hawaii has it, but then, every single state has these requirements, although Louisiana may be slightly different since that State is based upon Napoleonic codes, but I would speculate that they must have the same requirements just based on how courts work.

    People should google case law on this stuff. It's considered "well established law". But definitely pull your own state statutes and use what I described above as the template for locating the codes that impose these "process" requirements upon the prosecution. Call them on that shit and watch the judges facial expressions, but get your entire point out with out pausing or they'll cut you off.

  4. Rashaan Elam 36 minutes ago
    We are both suing 20 judges and magistrates between the two of us. We have not experienced anything like this.

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