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Some cool just filed images:

Venetian Memories
just filed
Image by Orchids love rainwater
Just to prove I was there ;0)
Gale Force winds here and heavy rain !!! so back to old files re done ;0)
Have a great day guys no matter what the weather xx

Peachy veil [EXPLORED]
just filed
Image by peter.lubeck
This panorama was shot just as the sun was about to set behind the trees at Gåxsjö lake in Jämtland in northern Sweden. This was the first time ever I created a panorama by stitching two RAW-files together in Lightroom.

You don’t mix well, but that’s okay
just filed
Image by PeterThoeny
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Yesterday we went for a wine in the Lure+Till lounge in the Epiphany hotel in Palo Alto, California. These are the flasks on the bar counter containing olive oil, vinegar and whatnot. I like the colors and the shallow depth of field.

I processed a single RAW exposure into a soft HDR photo. Lately I process often just a single RAW exposure, even though I take three bracketed exposures. The dynamic range of the NEX-6’s CMOS sensor is 13 stops at 100 ISO measured on the RAW file, which is exceptionally large. I concluded that range is large enough for many scenes. With a single exposure I don’t need to worry about ghosting and color shift.

HDR, 1 RAW exposure, NEX-6, _DSC4094_hdr1sof3b

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