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045/365: happy blah blah blah
just filed
Image by malik ml williams
Valentine’s Day has become a very big business for retailers in what is traditionally one of the slowest shopping months of the year.
Tracy Mullin, President and CEO | National Retail Federation

I can’t remember the last time Valentine’s Day meant anything to me. In fact, i don’t know that it ever did. Imagine growing up seeing Valentine’s Day as just a more pronounced example of how your kind of love is not celebrated, and you might get the idea. Add to that my firm belief that this "holiday" is primarily about marketing and rampant capitalism and you can begin to understand why i don’t feel like celebrating.

So here i am, at school again instead of doing something special. Not that Troy’s here, anyway. So that would suck too. But what am i doing in this picture?

Sending Troy a Valentine’s Day e-card…. 😉

just filed
Image by Trader Doc
This shot got beat-out by one that eventually made Explore….
I felt it needed just a little respect soooo…..
I haven’t posted these colors often..It only happens ..Just a Moment….LOL

Have a Wonder-Filled Day…

Shoot Your Own..8 Nov….Photo Op…….Mid – River at Sun Set….

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