Check out these just filed images:

just filed
Image by Midhras
Dishonoreddownsampled from 8K (SoftTH, Looking Glass and SRWE), using in-game FXAA; boulotaur’s SweetFX; Cheat Engine (PlayersOnly, Fly, Ghost, notarget).

You dropped the ball on this one, you guys! No way am I only just now playing this. And I’ve barely gotten my feet wet! We need to have a talk about the way we handle these things in the future.

In other news, I’d like to thank Stein3x for making these shots possible, and the whole SFX crowd. Do I love my SweetFX!

just filed
Image by paul+photos=moody
The gang practicing their ‘stealthy’ single file line approach – makes it look like just one or two horses coming at you – concealing their true numbers. Thing1 is in the lead followed by Thing2, Brains, Beauty with DarkForce covering the rear – just like they show in the Cool Gang Moves manual, page 12 : ))) .

IMG_3462-Butterfly Egg
just filed
Image by raymondbPhotos
This beauty was laying egg on this tree branch.

If you are interested, I have uploaded a video recorded with S5IS to the youtube, www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohkl1VQl6gw&fmt=18, (Warning: Large files, about 90 seconds) the quality was degraded but I think is still viewable. The egg laying is near the end of the video.

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