1st lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over 9/11 attacks filed

Congress produced its first override of a presidential veto since Barack Obama took office, effectively turned the Justice Against Sponsors of Terror Act into law and allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue the government in Saudi Arabia for its role in the attacks. Now, the first complaint has been filed as RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky reports.

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Lawsuit Just Filed To STOP Certification Of CA Primary Election!

This week, Lee has more information on primary election fraud. There’s more! It turns out, after counting all the votes, Bernie won California! It’s almost like the provisional ballots weren’t counted before the winner was announced. Lee Camp explain this and more on Redacted Tonight.

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40 thoughts on “1st lawsuit against Saudi Arabia over 9/11 attacks filed”

  1. Saudi Arabia is NOT alone as far as those liable. Open the gate to hold: Israel, Silverstein, Bush(es) – as in ALL of them, Guilianni … all those involved in the execution and cover up. The entire 911 Commission and their families should also be liable and open for suits against their estates. Bring ALL of them to Justice, Civil and Criminal.

  2. Nothing will happen on obama's watch because he really is a muzlim and if hillary win's, same thing. Those Middle eastern Country's have given many many millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. Pay for play. Those poor People will never get a dime from those Muslim monsters. Unless Trump is Elected. TRUMP FOR 2016. THE ONLY HOPE WE HAVE TO SAVE OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR COUNTRY. HILLARY AND OBAMA FOR PRISON.

  3. I want to submits a lawsuit against America for invading Iraq for a false reason, and holding prisoners in Guantanamo without an evidence, nuclear bomb drops on civilians , and the list continue ….

  4. let's say that saudi Arabia is responsible for the attack but America is also responsible for keeping the Americans safe I mean comeon 14 saudies shook america to the ground and u spend trillions of dollars developing weapons and defence technology and you have failed to see 2 planes flying low where it's not sopose to be ? where is your airforce ! if 15 young saudies managed to to this what about milions of them .

  5. والله امريكا ملعونة …احنا نقول هم اصحابنا ..وهم يقولون احنا إرهابيين 😡

  6. Actually, Obama did the right thing..

    now imagine the amount of people who got bombed by the US will speak up..

  7. America is in debt $117 billion to Saudi, so unless those 3k people who died are worth ~$33 million individually, the government will definitely take the hit. What a bunch of fucking morons. Bush killed your husband, lady. Now you're putting the country in jeopardy. Thanks, cunt.

  8. 15+ Years later? This will lead no where near to real ones responsible. It will only be publicly declassified when they are dead or too old.

  9. complete Bullshit there is video proving that a plane did not crash into the Pentagon it was a missle…..you people are idiots for thinking a plane actually hit it.

  10. what a tool , he ends up flogging for phony climate scam as if it's anything but total BS from the NWO and their lackey dogs

  11. what a tool , he ends up flogging for phony climate scam as if it's anything but total BS from the NWO and their lackey dogs

  12. Sanders' voters who were heavily Non-Partisan (NPP) voters, were systematically prevented from from their votes counting on election day by forcing large numbers to vote provisionally. I was a poll inspector in CA and watched it happen.

  13. A little DNC voter fraud surprises you??? More dead people vote in Chicago than  living. The Clintons yield the power to stop the FBI & DOJ, blackmail Obama or  endorsement, and threaten Bernie to STFU or he'll have a 'heart attack" like Scalia.  Check the Stanford & Harvard analysis reports: Hillary's odds of beating Bernie WITHOUT voter fraud-1 in 77 BILLION. State primaries with paper trails-Bernie won. States with electronic machines-Hillary won. I can program a voting machine to produce the desired results and delete the illicit code when the polls close. Expect this to be the first National Election where more votes are cast than registered voters.

  14. Dateline 2019….President Hillary Clinton fell over the rail at the New York zoo and landed in the Gorilla cage…..guns were outlawed in 2018 so all authorities could do was watch…the Gorilla will receive therapy for mental stress, extra fruits and a new teddy bear to help him cope with the terrible ordeal…

  15. Election rigged? Surprised? Why?  Elections are a lie to the populace to think we control our government, Hillary because of her Vagina is the nominee and the democrat women will shame you into voting for her or you are a misogynist. F that, Bernie is the nominee! Fight on Bernie!

  16. I hope to God that the NEXT little white girl that comes up missing IS YOUR DAUGHTER!! IMAGINE what A HYPOCRITICAL ASSHOLE you'll be exposed as WHEN YOU'RE BEGGING & CRYING to RT/MSNBC/FOX/CNN to PUT HER FACE on their NETWORKS 24/7 UNTIL SHE IS FOUND. Go visit YOUR BROTHER Phillip Garrido IN PRISON, frat boy!

  17. Bernie doesn't owe Hillary his endorsement. If Hillary sincerely wants Bernie and his real progressive supporter's endorsement and votes, then it is SHE and the DNC who needs to be doing the right thing.

    However, Hillary is the "lesser evil" candidate when compared to Trump. The only viable candidate that the establishment party and media will suppress during the general election are the Independents.

    Worth voting for Jill in states where Hillary is gonna win anyway to empower a thrid party for the next election.

    #jillstein2016 #ImWithHer


  18. all the gender crap going around, is about supporting a president that is, gender different than all the former presidents. Target stores are a false flag. Corporate law soon to dominate the land. Avoid transgender issued corporations.

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