Nice Filed Lawsuits photos

A few nice filed lawsuits images I found:

filed lawsuits
These images have a copyright on them. You may download them and post them as long as you do not edit them , as long as you give credit to the photographer (Brooke Mckinney Photography), and as long as you do not print them, sale them, or make any financial gain off of them . Also, do not under any circumstances try to take credit for them or we do reserve the right to file a lawsuit.

Tree to be removed
filed lawsuits
Hazzard Range county Sheriff’s office SERGEANT JEFF BARTLY and DEPUTY Dale Alak where called to intersection of First St and Oak av to handle a illegal protest. Where county worker Carlos Candy was marking the utilities lines around the tree that is schedule to the removed He was stopped in process . Four activists that had in the last year filed lawsuits against the Hazzard Range County government to the county from removing the tree .
Late last week District Judge Toni Howard ruled that the tree can be removed for safety reasons . Four activists where trying to stop the removal again ,but four where removed for crowding, obstructing or incommoding traffic and protesting without permanent . Back in Sept of 2013 three activists where arrested for doing the same and They ( three activists ) filed a lawsuit against the The county and Sheriff’s office for the arrest . District Judge Walter HOGG had put a hold on the removal of the tree until the case about the tree could be heard. The lawsuit against the The county and Sheriff’s office was settle out of court .

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