Lawsuit Filed To Force Florida Recount

Lawsuit Filed To Force Florida Recount

Yesterday a Federally registered nonprofit election entity launched a fundraiser to cover the costs of a lawsuit it intended to file in the name of forcing a statewide recount.
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14 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed To Force Florida Recount”

  1. Stein needs to drop this crap about "making sure our democracy works." First, we are a representative republic. Second, if she is so concerned about correct vote counting, she needs to recount California. And let's recount all the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY votes that wee stolen from Sanders (not that I care about Sanders).
    All three states (PA, WI, MI) have already been CERTIFIED. So this 'recount' is illegal. If not, we could start going and recounting every CERTIFIED state all the way back to Goerge Washington!!! I hope she plans on leaving the US after this….

  2. Actually, I am very happy these liberals are wasting their funds…that leaves less money for them to go against other issues

  3. Both Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, along with their lawyers, George Soros, The Democratic Party and the liberal mainstream media and all of Hillary Clinton's supporters and voters are nothing but and are getting to be a bunch of real, annoying, disgusting, deplorable, unacceptable, despicable, irritating and bothersome nuisances and outright and total pests who are really just itching to ALL be taken behind the wood shed and be given a good lickin' and whipping with a good hard and sharp hickory switch and belt taken across their butts or behinds quite a few hard lashing for each of them. as well as being evaluated and seen by teams of psychiatrists and to ALL be taken away in straightjackets to Mental hospitals or institutions and to be given very serious psychiatric help and  real hard and tough reality therapy as well for their behaviors and actions.

  4. They should not even be allowed to go recount votes by precinct in Pennsylvania and that vote recount in FLORIDA  or in any of the other states  that Jill Stein  is demanding should be refused, denied, rejected, stopped and discontinued AT ONCE and not be allowed to take place. ALL Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein are trying to do is to wrongfully, dishonestly, and illegally rig, cheat and to steal the election and votes away from Donald J. Trump and give them illegally and wrongfully and dishonestly give them and the election to Hillary Clinton which is voter and election fraud. This disgusting, despicable,  and ridiculous game and gig is up and it has just got to be completely and totally stopped and discontinued NOW, AT ONCE and not be allowed to continue anymore. And Hillary Clinton as well as Jill Stein, George Soros, The Democratic Party, the Leftist Liberal media and ALL of Hillary Clinton's friends, family, voters and supporters should NOT be aided, cooperated with, gone along  with, and given into under any circumstances whatsoever and ALL of the states in the union of the United states of American should instead completely and totally just flatly discourage, refuse, reject and deny any request or demand from any of this corrupt above mentioned parties request or demand for a vote recount and instead press and file charges against, sue and prosecute these parties for threatening their state electors with death, and bullying and intimidating the state electors, and for election and voter fraud. have them arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison for life and or the death penalty or both.

  5. I would not worried about it dude. They tried this same crap with Bush and it didn't matter. If Trump's lawyers come out then all of these people are going to wish they had left it alone. Trump's Lawyers are not a joke. I would just relax if I was you dude. Trump is going to have a successful EIGHT years as President . The Democratic party is finished.

  6. Maybe Trump should have a few recounts in some blue states. I bet he'd win California, New Mexico, and New York if you subtract the illegals, the dead people, and the multi voters.

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