D600 Nikon Apologies After Class Action Lawsuits Filed! WHAT THE DUST?

Just Days after the Nikon D600 Class Action Lawsuit filing(s) in February 2014, Nikon Responds with a Service Advisory on Febuary,26 2014 and has since revised it with a “newer” Service Advisory including an “Apology” on March 28, 2104 http://www.nikon.com/news/2014/0328_01.htm

What The Dust?

When it is all said and done. Cause and effect prevailed! The attempted silencing from Nikon cannot sweep this dust under the rug!

Nikon d600 users have now been complaining for 18 months…since the September 18, 2012 release of this model.

Only after the “Pandora’s Box” of “Class Action Lawsuits” become evident, Nikon issued and apology and made it clear to take public responsibility to pay for shipping cost both ways + out of warranty coverage + a new shutter mechanism replacement.

If you haven’t abandoned the Nikon ship in the past 18 months, now is the time to send in your D600 for a new shutter replacement. Soon you will join the rest of us with the new OF600 (Oil Free 600) or DF600 (Dust Free 600)!

A special thank you to the hard working Men & Women in the Nikon repair centers. We know that this was never your fault but glad that you are the solution “one” “new” “shutter at a time”. It will always be the ground workers that physically make the difference NOT the High Minded Executives.

Nikon thank you for accepting the repair shipping costs both ways and making a stand after only 18 months reviewing the problems and following the news of a Class Action Lawsuit to correct the stated issues free of charge.

Equipment Used For Screen Capture:
Camtasia Studio 7
Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Other Equipment Discussed: Canon 70D, Fuji Film, Fuji X Pro, Fuji X100s, Sony Alpha, NEX, Panasonic Lumix, Olympus,

Jason Jones didn’t just follow in Stephen’s footsteps as a correspondent at The Daily Show, he continued the tradition of having lawsuits filed against him.

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28 thoughts on “D600 Nikon Apologies After Class Action Lawsuits Filed! WHAT THE DUST?”

  1. Agree with you, have experienced Nikon bad service in UK. My D700 died on me, the shutter stuck open for about 20 seconds then fired. Checked settings…..all ok. Tried another shot, identical symptoms no Err Code then just died. Off to Nikon UK it went, got a estimate for £650 pounds to replace two boards. Technician said i had bent the pins when inserting faulty card. Sent macro pic of card showing not faulty and asked how was it possible to insert it incorrectly and complained about cost of repair. They offered me 25% discount. Complained again and Nikon stated it could be cheaper if only one board was required ? Complained again and still await a reply. Since then have spoken to another guy with same problem, this D700 was one day out of warranty, another £650 estimate, after many frustrating phone calls he ended up paying it. After watching your video i'm thinking Nikon use this line of bent pins to hide the real issue of a D700 shutter problem, Any one else out there with same problem ? Poor service will only loose push Nikon followers away to Canon, Lumixi and Fugi  

  2. I had the D600 with the oil spots too. Nikon were useless when I called them and they blamed dust. In the end I returned it to Amazon. I don't want the D610 as I feel it was rushed out to replace the D600 because of the problems. I'm waiting for whatever Nikon FF DSLR comes next to follow the D610 – hopefully this year. With an Expeed 4 engine I hope.

  3. Bought my very first full frame camera ever! Nikon D600, 12/02/2013
    2 weeks before I even opening it! I googled how a camera like this work 😉

    Obviously I fell over this problem with dust on D600.
    Taught me how to detect dust on the sensor,HOLY CRAP!! I had a
    tremendous amount of dust upper left corner!!!

    Got me a replacement! Thank GOD!! So far so good.
    (touch on wood)…..

    PS: Im not a professional photographer, so i'm not shooting
    1000 of picture yet 😉
    But it seems that the 5D Mark II or 5D Mark III
    is the next choice of camera.

    1000 ThX for all information!!!

  4. Hi, thank you for posting your very informative and thourough videos. How can I contact you? I have dust spot issues with my D610

  5. I'm with you on all your aggravation with Nikon and I think they're a profoundly arrogant company. That said, I do love their cameras when they work properly. I had a D7000 camera which was dandy so went with the D600 for FX and had the spots out of the box. They stayed even after they replaced the shutter box. I heard they were replacing cameras a couple weeks ago so figured I had zero to lose. I contacted Nikon support and the bottom line they paid for me to send my D600 body to them and they sent me a brand new D610 within 2 days. It has been what I expected from the D600 only without spots. Given, at this point, you still give a rip I'd consider contacting them and they may do the same for you. BTW, I have been recommending Canon to other people who are planning on getting into DSLRs just because Nikon's utter fail on the D600. If I could afford it I'd have purchased a Canon 5D MKIII in a heartbeat and sold all my Nikon gear.

    Good luck!

  6. Jason Jones also holds the distinction of being the first Daily Show correspondent to have their field piece lead to someone being tortured

  7. 3 lawsuits is nothing, the satirical magazine in the uk, private eye has an editor, ian hislop, who has the distinction of being "the most sued man in british legal history"
    when the newspaper owner and later convicted criminal won a libel case against the magazine, hislop joked outside the court "ive just given a fat cheque to a fat czech"

  8. He used to be so drop-dead handsomer.
    I almost puddled myself when he took DOWN the NYT execs.
    Lucky lucky Sam Bee.
    I wanted to have a poster taped to my bedroom wall of Jones, like I had decades ago – of Erik Estrada.

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