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Some cool filed lawsuit images:

Forest Haven
filed lawsuit
Image by Jack Says Relax
FH was a children’s developmental center and mental institution in Laurel, Maryland.

It was notorious for its poor conditions and abuse of patients. It opened its doors in 1925, and was shut down in 1991 by a federal court. There have since been numerous civil and class-action lawsuits involving patients and employees

During the early years, it was considered a state of the art facility. With a good reputation, this hospital set the standard for other states to follow. With declining conditions decades later, many patients filed lawsuits against the hospital for reasons of abuse, neglect, poor living conditions — even medical testing. A small morgue was all that stood between the patients and a cemetery on site where graves had been repeatedly uncovered by erosion.

1976 Ibanez Les Paul Custom “Black Beauty” copy
filed lawsuit
Image by filtran
THE "lawsuit" guitar, par excellence. In 1977, Norlin, the owner of Gibson inc., filed a "cease and desist" lawsuit in the USA against Elger inc., the importer of Japanese-made Ibanez guitars that were copies of Gibson’s designs. Some say this was not just on design grounds but because the Ibanez guitars outperformed the real thing quality-wise. This model feautures the Guild-style tulip headstock, introduced in 1976 to head off the lawsuit, which focused on the shape of Gibson’s "open book" design.

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