Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed In Canada is This True Folks

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7NEWS reporter Lance Hernandez tells us why a man that recorded video of officer allegedly beating man is suing the DPD.

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21 thoughts on “Chemtrails Lawsuit Filed In Canada is This True Folks”

  1. lol as I was saying the damage has been and being done. can a lawsuit fix whats been done to the population?

  2. I can tell you without any doubt that the lines in the sky from planes are from (Con)desation from the jet engine. Con Trails are not chem trails

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  4. 'We respect peoples right to videotape us, just remember that we will beat you up and take your camera, then deny the whole thing.'

  5. Until the police union, or the police themselves have to pay out of their own pockets, for these settlements, nothing will change.

  6. $13m in tax payer dollars to cover the asses of criminal cops!!!?? Holly shit. I propose that 10% of all judgements against cops come from the individual cop. An additional 15% comes from the police union and the balance is clawed back from the police department's subsequent years budget with the caveat that they need to continue to provide the same level of service. How's that for an appetite suppressant for criminal cop behaviour.

  7. Typical behavior by some of the lawless, lying cowards with badges that are serving all of our communities across our once great country! Smh…

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