Does Lawsuit Funding Cost Or Pay?

The frequency with which this question occurs by those who visit our site often amazes me. It is the wrong question. The true question is, “Does lawsuit funding cost or pay?”

It is important to bear in mind that you are not negotiating a settlement in a vacuum. The party against whom you have filed your claim is not likely to say, “Sure, I will admit that it was my fault. How much do I owe you?” I have testified as an expert in more than 100 personal injury cases and have never encountered such a scenario. You are frequently left with two options: (1) either accept a ridiculously low offer to settle your claim; or (2) obtain a settlement loan to assist with expenses to enable you to pursue the case to the end.

It is amazing how frequently an individual who readily admits liability at the time the incident occurred, adamantly deny liability once compensation for injuries/damages sustained is pursued. In fact, in many cases, it is now you to whom liability should be ascribed, per this once docile defendant. Are you surprised? “Not really,” you hesitatingly admit. A lawsuit loan is often required simply to assist you with expenses while this “cat-and-mouse” game goes on with the putative payer.

When you file suit against someone who injures/harms either you or a loved-one, it is likely that the individual will have an insurance carrier that will zealously defend its insured’s actions. In many situations, the attorney representing the individual against whom you file your suit meets the defendant for the first time the day the trial begins.

It would be extremely helpful for you to realize that the defense attorney’s motives have nothing to do with the party against whom you filed your lawsuit. The defense attorney’s motives are purely directed at the insurance carrier that is paying the bill. Of course, I’m fully aware of the fact that the defense attorney formally represents the party against him he found your claim. However, this is a sham! This sham is one of the primary factors in forcing you to seek financial assistance (e.g., a lawsuit loan). Settlement loans are often plaintiffs only hope to continue with litigation.

Insurance carriers are viewed with such contempt by many that neither you nor your attorney will be permitted to even acknowledge that it is the insurance carrier that is, in reality, denying your claim. Merely mentioning that fact may serve as a basis for mistrial!

Make no mistake. The insurance carrier doesn’t want to pay you a penny for your claim. It is certainly not concerned with whether you receive a fair settlement. It is for this reason that the suit must be filed. It is for this reason that the case drags on, in many cases, for years. Once again, your options may be to either accept a ridiculously low offer to settle your claim or obtain a lawsuit funding to assist with expenses to enable you to pursue the case to the end.

Does lawsuit funding cost or pay? You decide.

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