Bombing suspect’s family filed federal lawsuit in 2011

Insight from’s Candace Trunzo
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17 thoughts on “Bombing suspect’s family filed federal lawsuit in 2011”

  1. the plot thickens lol. And as always say its all racist or religious bigotries. how about its all payback . He went off and got stupid and caught little lead poisoning. now he can have time to think about it hard.

  2. Baumer! Little baumer! Big baumer! Get the baumer's gone. They don't belong here, we have our own evil ones, no more room.

  3. Wow… I see a pattern developing here.. All the recent 'Shooters/Bombers' have Parents with 'Questionable' backgrounds…. I find that a bit more than coincidental …. IMHO

  4. Correct Matt…WTF….FOX trying to play games….walking a MSM BS fence…(anyone else hungry for some AMERICAN FIRST FRIED CHICKEN)….Hah.

  5. WTF is this story? Is the MSM trying to gather sympathy for terrorist families now? American's shouldn't complaint if Muslim piss in the street? Watch it media you're walking a fine line with this one

  6. You harassed Muslims now they want to kill you. You harassed black folks now they want to kill you. You plan on harassing 11 million immigrants so they will certainly want to kill you . You conservatives our gearing up for a new aged gorilla warfare in your own country I hope your ready. You dumb idiot inbred daughter dating fuck tards have no idea the shit storm your causing.

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