Overview of a federal court lawsuit

We wanted to share with you a 33 minute video that we give to clients to give them a good overview of what happens after they file their federal court lawsuit against a debt collector, credit reporting company, or other company.

We have broken down the process into 8 steps that we hope will be helpful to you.

Thanks for watching this and we welcome your comments below and if you find this to be helpful be sure and share it.

John Watts
Birmingham, Alabama

“No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”
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Crazy stories of people filing lawsuits over video games. Do you have any stories as crazy as these? Share them with us in the comments.
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24 thoughts on “Overview of a federal court lawsuit”

  1. does anyone here know what to do when a major share holder of family pty ltd  dies and the remaining director puts all share holders shares into his own name sells the home unit and claims insolvency in the same week and runs off with the $130,000. what would be the cause of action in federal court? Australia cday3@our.ecu.edu.au

  2. The court system like any other system that deals with the public work out of a system of habits meaning once you can learn the how of that system you can play the game.Granted most lawyers and judges know each other and if some one comes to court that is a new face they have to prove them self by knowing the law but I will say again it is desperation to bring closer to a case that will make one challenge any system where they know they are not welcomed with out adequate representation or a degree in that profession.Take a jail house lawyer for instance he does not have a degree but in his desperation to prove himself innocent he might have no choice but to represent himself also hopefully you don't have to deal with the judge only but a jury they are the ones who will vote yes or no not the judge.

  3. You might be right Teresa in all you say but that should not negate you moving forward with what you know was wrong against you.

  4. This is an excellent video! There is one thing I'd like to add. You assume that all parties are honest. Ha! Politics plays a HUGE role in lawsuits. Judges impose political ideology and it is not uncommon for a meritorious case to be dismissed based upon his/her views rather that the law. THAT is how it works in the REAL world. I know. I was entrenched in the process for almost 2 decades. I saw the ugly. The crap that goes on behind the scenes that almost no one ever gets to witness first hand. It's systemic. It's epidemic. It's not some rare isolated set of circumstances that precipitates this brand of judicial misconduct. The 'secret' is that judges – especially seasoned ones – know exactly know to work the system. AND…altho we as private citizens have to right to self-representation, these is almost ZERO tolerance for it. Hence, if you are poor, don't bother. In forma pauperis? Ha! Good luck with that, too. The system is stacked in favor of the lawyers. Period. They almost always win no matter what.

  5. Video games are a disgustingly un enforced market. Its like governments seem to think consumer protection laws just dont apply to video games. I was charged Tax by Bioware once when I bought their stupid points you need to get their DLC. I asked them for the Tax code information and after easily 3 months they finally said it was "Bioware Tax" not sales tax. I mean WTF! So I report them to the revenue bureau and tada, nothing. Nations run to promote profit before people are not acceptable.

  6. Someone should have sued the makers of Dead Island because the box says you can play co-op on the same Playstation/xbox ._.

  7. Okay, the music is a bit… weird; but why didn't you tell the outcomes of all of the lawsuits? Isn't that the point of the video?

  8. $500 BILLION? WHAT THE FUCK?!! I could sit pretty damn happily with just a billion, and not be able to spend every penny of it.

  9. That user suing a game company for his/her own missclick was the stupidiest. You make a mistake, you pay for it. Well, that $28k is not really easily forgettable, but that's how you learn.

  10. The American legal system is a fucking joke. I've heard so many bullshit lawsuits that if I was hit by one and last, they'd have to bring me back to court over a murder charge

  11. The problem is that you can theoretically get millions of dollars for shitty lawsuits!
    That should be changed!

    There should be Money only for lawsuits that drastically decreases the quality or opportunity of someone's life.
    Like, if someone breaks your leg and you maybe aren't able to work proper for a long time, then that someone should really pay for you, so you don't end up homeless

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  13. 11 Million bucks for a serious lawsuit against a very rich company is pretty much pocket change. Remember the Redbull Lawsuit? The Guy got 13 Million bucks because he got no wings from the energy drink. Even taken into account how ridiculous the claim is….Redbull is sold since 1987. EA is worth 20 Billion Dollars. So yeah, 11 million is nothing.

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