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A few nice just filed images I found:

The big impact! (explored)
just filed
Image by Sina Farhat
Fotosöndag tema: Enskilt

I was struggling to find a good subject and so i returned to a subject i just recently started experimenting with: frozen water drops in a glass of water that is red thanks to a couple of spoons of beetroot juice (rödbeta saft)

After the previous attempt where i used the camera shutterspeed to get the desired effect i decided to use the powersetting on my Canon 580 EX II flash in manual mode to freeze the motion of the drop and by doing so i was able to keep my iso down to 100 and created a cleaner raw file.

The camera is mounted on a tripod, a remote shutter is also used to get as little camera shake as possible.
I mounted two extension tube rings (number one and two) on my Nikkor 105mm 2.5 tele lens in order to get the correct magnification i needed. I then set the aperture to f16 to get enough area of sharpness.
The flash was set to 1:1 power setting (equals to a 1/1000 of second shutter speed)
Using the drip part of my coffee maker i started to bombard the glass with water drops and 30+ frames later this was created!

just filed
Image by Adventures of KM&G-Morris
He always asks when I post a really nice photo if it’s one he took. This time I’ll tell him yes! I was downloading files from the memory sticks and this just caught my eye. He always wants to get the birds (like I do) but he’s not as quick since he’s only in the past few months been using an SLR and trying to learn. It takes time. On the other hand, he definitely sees the beauty that surrounds us and I think he did a great job of capturing it in Mercer Gardens a couple of weeks ago.

Toronto Zoo
just filed
Image by Robert Scott Photography
Another of the Tiger posted below. This guy seems to be quite old, and I can’t tell weather his teeth have been filed down or have just become that way from his many years of life.

I love this photograph because you can see the Tiger’s age, but I still think my Tiger Yawn photograph from Bergeron’s Wild Animal Sanctuary is much clearer and better composed:

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