Lawsuits Filed Against Yoga Guru

The founder of Bikram yoga is facing civil suits for alleged sexual assault filed by former students.

20 thoughts on “Lawsuits Filed Against Yoga Guru”

  1. The moment you start making yoga an instrument to make money it will never do good for the human beings. There should be no yoga competitions. Yoga is for inner peace and spirituality not for display. I don't know who is right here, If the women is falsely alleging a rape for unknown reasons or the teacher is really guilty, but in both cases it is because of commercialization.

  2. When you get to a huge status like him, there are always a small few who just want to lie to make money from suing you. 

  3. The comments bashing the women on this video are disturbing. Is this what people think every time a woman says she was raped or molested? That she's lying? THAT is the EXACT reason so many women (and men) take so long to come forward. There are people going "If I was raped I would have gone straight to the police" NO you fucking wouldn't have. 

  4. why all these women go to Yoga if he danger . think so much for God my mam does not do Yoga
    if he is fucker cut his dick
    be a Gay good for lawsuits i wish get the fuck from U s a
    why man fucker i can fuck you every day i can make you like meatball bbq 

  5. 1. If it actually happened the police should have been notified. 2. Maybe just maybe they were to traumatized to deal. Let's see those therapy reports. 3. Money doesn't make it better are easier to deal with, but it makes you say umh.

  6. i dont know if these charges are true or not … but being a indian .i really hate this guy … Yoga comes from the hindu religion …the Saints in hindus were called Yogis who shared this knowledge with every1 for good of humanity ….this prick has patent in the usa for his hot yoga ?? he is Teaching yoga for his personal gain which is the opposite of what yoga should be …i urge people to come to india and learn yoga for free ..and or use Youtube to find yoga videos …. 

  7. Omg…such bullshit.
    Walk away then you dumb cunt.
    Why didnt you call the cops right away?
    Simply does not make sense. Se he held you down and raped you with his wife upstairs?

  8. I don't understand why these women waited so long to file charges! Their claims may be true, but it's difficult to convince someone of this when you wait so long to file charges. After a certain amount of time, it seems like you are lying and are out for money. And, if that first picture (0:49) they showed is of the instructor and the victim (where the yoga instructor is holding a woman's leg), wouldn't other people in the room hear these alleged "whispers", because the man is wearing a microphone!

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