Cool Just Filed images

A few nice just filed images I found:

Velvia Landscape – Cross 3
just filed
Image by _-0-_
Another photo with cross processed Velvia 50.

Just in case you’re interested in my workflow of color negative digitalization:

1. Capture RAW files
2. Convert to TIFF with maketiff
3. Open TIFF in Photoshop and convert colors with Colorperfect/Colorneg filter, save as TIFF
4. Open TIFF in Lightroom, adjust white balance and exposure, maybe stamp out dust and export to JPG.

Pentacon Six TL
Mir 26B 45 mm
Velvia 50 @ ? ISO
Cross processed
Tetenal C-41 Kit

just filed
Image by melstampz
This is a free digital patterned paper that I made to share with you. It’s high resolution 350 dpi for print quality.

๐Ÿ™‚ Please link if you use this:

(guidelines for use)


–You can change my stuff however you like (the colour and so on, whatever you can imagine!) Please just let people know where you found the original.
–Feel free to sell any handmade items you make using this… or share digital things that you have made using this — as long as they are shared for free.
—You’re welcome to make & share a digital cut file, Make a template different… whatever you like (as long as you share digital items for free).
–If you’d like to use it as part of your blog or site design, feel free!
–Scrapbook for hire is a-okay too.
–Want to use something for a class? Just email me for details, please. Some things I have blogged in the past are derivative (with credit, of course) but I wouldn’t want us to circumvent another person’s terms of use, accidentally. :0)

Please don’t:

–my one stipulation: Please do not use this to make things for sale that are not physical 3D items. In other words, please do not use this to make any digital items for sale (free is okay). And please do not sell this as printed papers or basic supplies of any kind.

(The things I share want to stay free as the wind unless they can be part of some kind of art; they told me so). ;o)

Have another use in mind?
(Please email me at

Hope you can have some fun with these!


Nel blu dipinto di blu
just filed
Image by Roberto F.
Canon EF 70-300 f/4,0-5,6 IS USM

I have shot this photo yesterday. It was a bright and clear day, when a yellow hot-air balloon passed over my house. I know… the sky seems painted with photoshop, but it is not. It is the real sky. Just some curves adjustment to RAW file in postprocessing.:)
Ho scattato questa fotografia ieri. Era molto limpido e luminoso, quando questa mongolfiera รจ passata sopra casa mia. Lo so… il cielo sembra colorato con photoshop, ma non lo รจ. E’ vero cielo. Solo qualche aggiustamento alle curve nel postprocessing del file RAW. ๐Ÿ™‚

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