2016 Primary Election Fraud – Racketeering Lawsuit Filed. Yes, Bernie WON the Elections!! Must Watch

2016 Primary Election Fraud – Racketeering Lawsuit Filed. Yes, Bernie WON the Elections!! Must Watch . Lawsuit filed by Justiveserved.org
Contribute to the Efforts of Our Lawsuit to Save Democracy!

YES! Bernie WON.
YES! The lawsuit is on target.
YES! There is enough time to affect the Democratic Nomination.
And YES! Time is clearly of the essence…

Please donate what you can now as we are going to need a lot of help executing our plan in time…


Lawyers Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis, involved with the case, will prove Bernie’s WIN is irrefutable. To win, takes precise strategy, diligence, and patience.

Just like Clinton’s email investigation has been a lengthly process, what we are doing at JusticeServed.org is MASSIVE and as such, takes time. Most of the evidence must also be withheld or we would not win the case. Thank you for your understanding and your patience in this matter.

Cliff’s experience with cases like this is that they have been filed and completed within a (few) days when time is of the essence, which we all know it is.

OUR PLAN – we are currently compiling the evidence in an easy to understand format, so that we can make copies of the evidence and give that evidence to every Bernie delegate who is going to the Democratic National Convention. We will distribute this information immediately following the filing of our lawsuit and compiling of the information in a clear and concise way. Connecting and unifying all the delegates nationwide and getting them this information needs to be a speedy process. Your help in this effort would be greatly appreciated!

The passion and dedication of our campaign is unlike any other our country has ever come close to exhibiting. We are making history! Bernie WILL BE our next POTUS!

Please help us prepare to spread this urgent message by donating to our campaign with your time (sign up below) and with your financial contributions.

Please also spread this message far and wide as our donation portal was hacked. We didn’t loose any of the ,400 currently raised, but we were unable to collect funds for an entire week. This really pains us as we have had over 100k viewers of our videos in the last few days without a dime coming in. This is why we switched over to paypal. Clearly, time is running out. Please donate whatever you can and sign up below to help.

Thank you kindly!
The Team at JusticeServed

What we are building on the backend of this site:

1. Groups for each state where “Captains” will empower their local Berners to get access to and take photos/scans of the ballots/evidence – then upload them to a crowd based server organized by precincts in the areas where we know that fraud has taken place.

2. Become The Media – This includes radio shows, writing letters to the editors of local newspapers and “Street Team Media” where we will be asking Berners across the nation to post fliers in food markets, libraries, schools, coffee shops, bulletin boards, etc. to get this information into the hearts and minds of the masses.

3. Call the Super Delegates! Yours as well as others across the nation to let them know that we are certain Bernie has already won the Democratic Nomination and that we will not be leaving Philly without Bernie being crowned the winner.

4. Call for Millions to Descend on Philly! As we all know, this is such a timely matter regarding the lawsuits, mainstream media spin, and the establishment doing all they can to suppress this evidence and deny Bernie and all of us his rightful win. Due to this fraud, WE MUST ALL PLAN to go to Philly to personally bring this message to the establishment letting them know that The People have spoken and will do everything we need to do to ensure our Democracy is upheld and that Bernie comes out of the convention as the winner.

The Bernie Sanders Campaign, being structured as an official political campaign, cannot do things the (global) grassroots movement can do. Such as receive donations from across the world, direct his supporters to assist the lawyers in gathering evidence for the lawsuit, etc.

We all know “America’s” Political Revolution – due to it’s high level of morality, values, and intentions for co-creating a just and sustainable planet, IS what the world needs. An end to rampant corruption and destruction is at the foundation of our movement.

Also, as we all know, Facebook disables accounts, locks powerful activists out and gives our information over to the CIA and NSA (if they don’t have direct access to FaceBook, which is more likely), The People, “Berniecrats” of the Revolution are creating our own social network to keep control of our own accounts, our own data, and keep our strategizing amongst ourselves.

Welcome to the “Global” Political Revolution to Recreate Democracy as a System Governed With The People, By The People, & For The People!
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