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The Eighth Inner Circle of Hell (Ninth Tranch) from Dante’s Inferno
just filed lawsuits
Image by Viewmaker
My apologies to Dante Alighieri: This might be the place in Dante’s underworld where "sowers of discord" finally arrive at, only to have the devil rip them apart, in a vicious circle of flesh being rendered, then healed and rendered again, over and over. Alas, it is the fate I am sure to meet myself as I’m a troublemaker. Planting seeds of discontent is a guilty pleasure: "I admire you for keeping your life simple and not asking for a raise when co-workers far less qualified than you are driving German-made sportscars." Or "You’re one of the most self assured people I know. Why after he insulted you — and got everyone to believe he was right — you just kept quiet. Others would have filed a lawsuit or exacted revenge, but not you. That’s what I love about you. You don’t care if someone makes you look stupid; because you’re so sure of who you are." Yes, this looks very much like the place where I will burn in for all eternity….

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