Standing out for justice

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Standing out for justice
filed lawsuit
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Israel wipes village off the map "There is nothing still standing, nothing, Not the homes, mosque or the school. There is nothing left at all."

A coalition of 350 European and Arab civil society organizations has filed a lawsuit with the International Criminal Court (ICC) against war crimes committed by the Israeli army during its latest onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

The International Coalition against Impunity, a non-governmental organization registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, has submitted a “Letter of Notification and Referral” to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court outlining the case for the arrest of 15 Israeli political and military leaders for crimes committed in Gaza in violation of the Rome Statute and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

"Both of these cases (South Africa and Yugoslavia), apartheid and genocide apply to Israel," Boyle said, "and you can quote me on that."
[Francis A Boyle, Professor of International Law, former Amnesty board member]

Redplum Chicago Tribune unwanted Advertising
filed lawsuit
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Perhaps I could sue as well……
My amiable dispute with the Tribune over Red Plum/Local Values, an advertising throwaway I did not welcome and did not read but did not know how to stop, has been taken to a new level by a litigious group of Chicago residents.
The 25 plaintiffs, represented by Logan Square attorney Michael Jaskula, filed suit this month in circuit court against the throwaway’s codistributors, the Tribune and Valassis Communications of Michigan. Jaskula told Tribune reporter Robert Channick, "Our neighborhood gets flooded with these damn papers every week. It’s ridiculous it had to come to this, but we need to get their attention to stop the distribution of this thing to people who don’t want it."

One of the plaintiffs is Jaskula’s wife, Diane Stoneman.

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