CONTENT JUST FILED :: Reinitiating Conversations // #UICART170

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+ Lorin Jackson
+ Brittany Presley
+ Devy Js

//// and a bit of a formal explanation:

the film is intended to appear as a recovered file of a discussion that doesn’t really happen anymore.. It’s addressing the concept of womanhood and how it applies to our generation of women today. How do we take social concepts into consideration, and how can we dissect our role models and ideologies and formulate a way to understand who women are created to be as thriving individuals.

if you’d like to know, the pink glitch footage involved in the first few seconds is actually Cake Boss during a thunderstorm.

The recommendation that no charges be filed against Hillary Clinton just doesn’t smell right. How did the FBI come to this decision??
Attorney General Loretta Lynch is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee next week, and I have many questions for her.

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  1. I think the decision to change the film in black and white helps put some focus on the conversation and I think it's a really interesting conversation to be having right now. To be a woman is never something I'll never be able to understand and to hear all these definitions of womanhood (outside of the construct that many men might define it as) from all these women is great.

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