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A few nice just filed images I found:

Marina Bay Singapore… fast becoming the Venice of Asia
just filed
Image by williamcho
I don’t think any of you have seen Marina Bay Singapore from this vantage point. Only thing missing are the gondolas from Venice. Sorry everyone, it’s just a vision of my dreams… a greener promenade with Marina Bay Sands repositioned closer to the bay.

I would also love to see the floating Pavilion drifting around so that you get to see a fresh new view on every visit to Marina Bay Singapore."
file: Crystal Pavilion2 DSCF7233.jpg
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just a simple merge from 2 archive images : Crystal Pavilion south & Marina Bay Sands
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Sunday, April 6, 2014-08-12 years later
just filed
Image by JP Freethinker
The attached file is the same place photographed 12 years earlier. On today’s photo, the laundry is new, as it was rebuilt after its destruction by a falling tree, which can be seen perfectly on the old photo and that we no longer see on one today.
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Old screenshots I’ve just shown and I want to share again.
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