Lawsuits filed against the FAA explained

Lawsuits filed against the FAA explained

In this video I explain the lawsuits that have been filed against the FAA and what they represent.

I did make one error in this video. it was the most recent Olympics that were filmed by a hexacopter, not the U.S. Olympics.
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  1. I can see a serious concern on large RC Planes esp. jets, as for all others, we should make it illegal for for birds to fly under 500 feet to eliminate the chance that they might collide with RC Planes, and or full size planes. 

  2. Google search these and see what I mean about how the media spins the drone stories and slams the our RC model aircraft hobby.

    I almost killed someone with a drone The Verge

    Mystery drone lands in family's backyard –

    Pilots Report Drones Flying Near JFK Flight Path  (I doubt any pilot can see 2 miles away a quad copter I know a few pilots myself at work)

    The flying of unauthorized drones at stadiums prompts safety concerns

  3. The biggest problem is the media journalists making up shock-and-awe slanderous stories. What I mean by slanderous is they call everything a drone and juice up the stories with over descriptive adjectives (or aka Colorful adjectives) to drive a tabloid-like story as to drive an agenda, attention to themselves, web traffic ($$$), etc..

    I do my part by calling out these tabloid journalists as Yellow journalism writers. Yellow journalism is a type of journalism where sensationalism triumphs over factual reporting. They also twist the facts or outright Falsification of entire incidents. Ive called them out by name on their news sites to bring fourth actual photos or footage which often they fail to yield to my requests. Other bloggers within the same story news site will also start to call these unethical journalists as "phoney".

    It would be a God send for someone to track all these lying slanderous journalists via a website to track them as liars. Anyone can click on their name and see how other stories they have written are. More people needs to challenge the media writers and not just take their word for it.

    Isnt it something that now UFO's are seldom used and now everything is a drone. You dont hear anything about UFO's anymore. Its always a drone to the media.

    Thank you Alex! Keep fighting for our RC model aircraft hobby.
    Keep them flying!

  4. Worrysome times for all of us who love to fly. Excellent explanation on this very complicated issue. Thank you for your efforts Alex. You and your team are great. 

  5. Alex love your stuff
    but,,, why don't you get rid of the background music so we can actually listen to what you have to say
    we DO want to hear it.  thank you

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