Lawsuit Loans – What Does the Term “Commercial Liability Claim” Mean?

Individuals seek to obtain lawsuit loans for a variety of reasons on which their claims may be based. Most of these claims involved general liability claims, viz., claims amongst individuals involving no overt commercial enterprise, the furtherance of which was involved in the claimant’s harm.

It is the furtherance of a commercial interest (e.g., Business X) out of which a commercial litigation claim arises. An example of this would be a Dominoe’s Pizza courier who, while in the course of a delivery for Dominoe’s, collides with another vehicle.

If the driver of the vehicle with which the driver for the medical clinic collides pursues a claim, that driver may file a claim against the medical clinic and the driver for the medical clinic. The claim filed against the medical clinic would be a commercial liability claim filed by a third-party. The claim filed against the medical clinic’s driver would be a general liability claim filed by a third-party.

The reference to the third-party simply clarifies that the insurance carrier against which the claim is filed represents the party causing the harm, not the party suffering the harm.

The commercial claim quickly gains both the attorney’s and lender’s attention. Why? Because unlike general liability claims, the insurance coverage for which may be $ 30,000.00 – $ 50,000.00 (often much lower), commercial liability coverage may be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in coverage.

Pressures placed on drivers for speedy deliveries, etc. account for the disparity in policy limits. What is not in dispute is the fact that commercial liability claims often obtain much higher awards than do general liability claims. There are also significant differences in the availability of care and attention provided to commercial litigation claimants, when compared to general litigation claimants.

Prepare yourself by retaining a good attorney for such a claim. In many instances, insurance carriers retain law firms, paying millions of dollars annually, to vigorously oppose paying such claims.

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