Top 10 Dumbest Lawsuits Ever Filed

Welcome to Top10Archive! Ever have the urge to just sue someone, regardless of how idiotic the reason may be? That must have been the case for these 10 individuals, who happened to make our list of the Top Most Ridiculous Lawsuits Ever Conceived.

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10. Israelie Weather Lawsuit
9. Michael Jordan’s Doppelganger
8. The Mooning of Jason Wilkins
7. Richard Batista’s Kidney
6. The Kidnapper’s Oral Contract
5. Christopher Roller is God
4. Budweiser False Advertising
3. Robert Lee Brock vs. Himself
2. The Obese Cesar Barber
1. The Suit Against God



Estatua a Michael Jordan frente al United Center

Michael Jordan statue

Courtroom One Gavel
Bum Potato


MGM David Copperfield

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Follow up interview with Robert Fitrakis! Debbie interviews Bob Fitrakis on the lawsuit he has filed in Ohio against Edison Research.
First and foremost, HERE is the website to donate, if everyone gives even small amounts, we can finance these lawsuits to move forward:
Who is Robert Fitrakis, besides a man of integrity, he is a author, college professor, and a long term advocate of election integrity – here is his impressive Wikileaks biography:
Here is the Trust Vote synopsis of his lawsuit for reference:

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Lawsuits Ever Filed”

  1. The most ridiculous law suit was sueing a fastfood chain for weight gain & diabetes?? Im glad it was dismissed because what the fuck would u do, uneat it? lol..
    Just because u couldn't resist & that it was too delicious?? It was their own damn fault for eating it in da first place! lmaoo

  2. jagarcia0705…sct913: What makes this so bad is that a jury sided with the stupid burn victim; who obviously got what he deserved.when he burned himself.. That jury should all be horse whipped.

  3. In that last case, I'm just imagining how much effort the judge had to put forward to both say you can't sue God because God isn't existent to sue and also not to say God isn't real, as to offend probably a ton of people

  4. here's a dumb lawsuit, this one aunt decided to sue her 12 year old nephew because during his 8th birthday, he came running at her, jumped and broke her wrist. she was suing him for ( I think) over 10grand.She didn't get the money or anything of course. He was 8 at the time of the incident and she never stopped him. I only think she was suing him because the year before, he lost his mother and he gain all of her inheritance, and the aunt didn't get any of it and she was pissed.

  5. jagarcia0705: I just about cried when I heard about this ridiculous lawsuit. I have five or six of those Blitz gas cans. Notice I said I have five or six of those cans. That means I liked them so much, I bought another one, and another one. The judge that allowed this case to go to court, should have been disbarred permanently. And shame on that jury for siding with the idiot. If I had been on that jury, I wouldn't have sided with the stupid teenager.

  6. Here's an incredibly stupid lawsuit that caused a company to go out of business. That company was Blitz, the manufacturer of plastic gasoline cans. Some stupid teenagers, and they had the gall to film this too. anyway, some stupid teenagers poured gasoline out of a Blitz gas can; onto an actual fire; knowing how extremely dangerous it is to do so. Well, of course the can exploded and the stupid teen was burned, but unfortunately survived. So his family sued Blitz. The case went to court and Blitz went out of business.

  7. What the hell? Someone tried to sue Michael Jordan because they looked like him? Is that a joke? He should have tried capitalize on it. Today, some people make thousands of dollars just because they look like a certain celebrity. Did he really think a lawsuit would make his problems go away?

  8. If only the US had anti-blasphemy laws so that people like Roller wouldn't even think of claiming that he had "godly powers".

  9. There is one inconsistency with this video.  Did Heckard try to sue Jordan and Knight for $460 million of $416 million?

  10. Bob says now, that Edison Research replied with , talk to our Lawyers. Bob said, the Law firm is powerful and makes $500 million a year. So the chance of getting the records are minimal. Everything in this Country, has become so corrupt, it looks like we need to punish the people that have committed Treason against America. The list is long and full of White Collar Criminals.

  11. Interesting information regarding primary vote exit polling, especially in Ohio. I smell federal felonies behind this. If Edison Research was paid to rig or tamper with the election in any way, that would fall under RICO statute.

  12. Bob, if you really wish to file a law suit with some established precedent I would suggest going after them for violation of anti trust laws and racketeering, which is EXACTLY what the DNC and Clintons are guilty of perpetrating. Freedom of speech [1 st ammendment] has already been clouded by several contradictory and confusing judicial readings. THEY ARE RACKETEERS!

  13. Something I am simply unable to understand is, how several hundred thousand if not millions of people, that are regular taxpayers and lawabiding US citizens, can be denied their right to vote, because, for whatever mysterious reasons, changes were made by the voter registration system. Isn't your right to vote guaranteed and protected by the Constitution, by federal and States laws?
    All these changes, against the will and without knowledge of the persons targeted, did not happen by themselves.There is detailed formal process regulating all operations inside of the voter registration office. Each and every case was individually decided and authorized, that is just the way bureaucracy works. We have seen here on Youtube forms from individual files, showing some of the paperwork that is related to this. The most interresting part of the evidence is that they show false/forged signatures in these documents. In other words, forged/false signatures were made in the process to enable an American citizen being stripped of his right to vote. Remember, the resulting effect of all this was always the same, a significant reduction of votes for Bernie Sanders and an advantage for Clinton.
    I don't need to go into any further detail to make my point, that it should be easily possible to bring up a solid case to prove illegal operations being part of this election process that led to Clinton as the designated candidate of the Democratic party. Noone needs to have studied law to determine right or wrong in this case when part of the evidence material are official documents with clearly recognizable false signatures on them and calling such forgery a criminal act is also not a debatable thing. One single case would be reason enough for further investigation, what are those hundred thousand New Yorkers, I correct myself, those Millions in Arizona, New York and California waiting for? It was not Bernie Sanders right to vote that has been taken away, it was Yours!

  14. I can't trust what you say Bob, you& cliff made claims that weren't even close to being true. yes, they cheat. But why didn't you guys just be real with the audience when you made that first video at the end of May? you just filled this Ohio lawsuit, but a couple of weeks ago, you said you would have evidence that proves that Bernie won. that we'd be convinced. you lied

  15. What's the point of voting Jill Stein or Gary Johnson or even Donald Trump? This fraud is so widespread in favour of Hillary, that she's already got the election locked up. Only online channels like this and Redacted Tonight seem to be addressing this issue. If the MSM won't cover it, then it's never going to get solved. Hell, even TYT has dropped the ball on this. It's depressing as all hell, but I still hold out some hope that some of these lawsuits will stick. fingers crossed

  16. The 99% Movement MUST keep going ahead with the struggle against Mr Obama's T.P.P. and Hillary' Wall Street/ Military Industrial Bosses and Supremacist Trump . If that means to create a THIRD PARTY in alliance with the GREEN PARTY , so we should join the call from MOVEMENT4BERNIE . Even if Sanders and E. Warren capitulate to the Corporate Party , we must continue OUR Revolution… Hillary's promises are just Opportunistic Zionist LIES.

  17. You are right Bob we are the revolution not just one man, they are afraid of us. That's why they called us Bernie bros and told us to fall in line like good little sheep. You guys represent in Philly I wish I could go but I have finals so I'll not be able to make it, just remember there are thousands that wish they could be there with you.

  18. Check my math on these PEW numbers. It's % of %'s. …………..How about this?….. 45% of (Bernie voters) of 14% (total Democratic voters) is 6.3% of all Americans who voted in primary. 15% of 6.3% is .94% of all American voters who refuse to vote for more corruption and lies. LESS THAN 1% of all Americans!  Stop blaming and shaming Bernie voters who won't vote for Hillary because of conscience. Blame the rest of the country who hasn't voted yet, or doesn't vote, or was a sellout to the Democratic Party before and during the primary. Bernie spent most of his career as a minority, voting his conscience, not what was popular or expedient. I still support the man. The numbers:  Bust are less than 1% of the country. Blame the rest of your country. I am sick of this. I am not guilty of electing Trump by not voting for Clinton because I live in a swing state. That makes me a % of a % of a % in Ohio, if anyone knows what the REAL vote was? I'm voting Jill.

  19. ”Still Bernie People; Do you realize he now belongs to the corp owned democratic party! What don’t you people get; DID You already forget what The DNC did to Bernie to stop him cold in his tracks? Did you Not Notice that the party Bernie belongs to Now illegally went into Bernie’s voter computer files & took down names then purged those voters from the voting rolls! Did you forget that in states with no paper trails (voting machines owned by Hillary supporters) the EXIT POLLS were way off! Now all of a sudden Bernie will get on stage and do what; Pull the corp owned DNC’s nomination out of his butt? Or wave his magic wand & Hillary & the Corp Owned Corp Controlled DNC becomes a progressive’s Dream Come True? Bernie with a wave of his platform piece of paper (Hillary’s Toilet Paper) the DNC becomes Occupy Wall St Party! We are talking about a party that is so good at election fraud it can now be called a science!” -tk #JillCanNotBeBought! #NeverCorpOwnedDNC!

  20. Debb, you said the other day the we were left a drift in the ocean without anyone left to steer the ship, girlfriend you have your hands on the wheel. Thank you!! We can do this!!

  21. wow, thank you. I was wondering what the heck was going on with this. Sounds like it would be fairly easy to prove in court that something is off. With that said, the Comey response would be "well there is no president so nothing to see here." Just like everything else these days it will take pressure from the public. We will get there!!

  22. Sorry for the off topic post, but just found out that the party delegates have to cover their own expenses! From $3000 to $8000 estimate. The candidates may help, but it doesn't look like it is a common practice. Superdelegates are entitled to party funding. Seems crazy to me! Greed, greed, greed. I found this out from a Sanders delegate on youtube. Here's an article.

  23. Thanks Debbie!! voting NO CONFIDENCE 2016, doesn't matter anyways! but im glad to see others are as disillusioned, brings a lil glow to my heart.

  24. Can someone please explain where the nonsense about "Sanders had to endorse Clinton in order to go to the convention and fight", which several people have claimed in the comments, is coming from?

    Am I living in an alternate universe where endorsing your opponent means running up the white flag? Or are these people so besotted with "it's not about Bernie" Sanders that they've lost all touch with reality? If the latter, I hope someone sues him for the costs of their treatment.

    "There are none so blind as those who will not see." — John Heywood

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