“The SEC filed a lawsuit. We’ll stand up against their claims in a court of law. ” Charles Scoville

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20 thoughts on ““The SEC filed a lawsuit. We’ll stand up against their claims in a court of law. ” Charles Scoville”

  1. Trafficmonsoon is gone

    And Charles is enjoying with our money

    Give all members money

    Thqnk you

  2. Im from New Zealand did all my check's On this site it all checks out exactly the way Charles said it would. Charles has it under control here hoping the law want drag this on and we get paid asap. fact in utah it was rigisted bye leagl documents so bye law this should all ready be sovled and thats law so quit carping palpal and SEC Kiwis have your back Brada

  3. Contradicting Charles Scoville’s insistance that he’s negotiating directly with the SEC and that everything is fine, yesterday the regulator filed an ex-parte motion requesting the appointment of a Receiver.
    The SEC’s motion, filed on July 27th, reaffirms the regulator’s stance that Traffic Monsoon is a Ponzi scheme.
    Traffic Monsoon has operated as an internet-based Ponzi
    scheme that has raised over $200 million from over 160,000 investors
    throughout the world.

  4. J'ai confiance que tout va se régler et enfin faire taire les langues sales qui parlent contre Charles Scoville!

  5. i get gooood traffic from TRAFFIC MONSOON. I with them alllll the way. people can say wat ever they want. good will overide …. "u know who" Go TM TEAM.

  6. Sir Charles we are behind you 300% This set back,is a set up to move us forward to OUR GOALS !!! Stand Strong !!!. Stay Focus !!!, I know you stand for Honesty !!! AND WE HAVE THE GREATEST RESPECT FOR YOU!!!

  7. Please allow Charles an opportunity to explain and defend himself before you attack him. I have been following Charles for a few years now and I can truly say that he must be one of the most honest people in this loosely described greedy industry. What Charles did, both to protect our money and give us a pleasant surprise, is highly consistent with his altruistic nature. He is a good man – I only wish more were like him.
    I have been ripped of by Banners Brokers Profitable sunrise hourly rev etc etc and Charles shares no similarities or characteristics of these unscrupulous people.

  8. Glad youve been caught out, have a good time with troy barnes, kristi johnson and all the other scammers like you. Such a good day to see you get caught out.

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