Lawsuit Filed Against DNC Over Guccifer Leaks & Rigged Primary?

Lawsuit Filed Against DNC Over Guccifer Leaks & Rigged Primary?

Millions of Bernie Sanders’ donors may now have legal recourse against the Democratic primaries they saw as rigged. Beck & Lee Trial Lawyers, a civil litigation firm based in Miami, Florida, is announcing the filing of a class action lawsuit against the DNC early next week, alleging fraud and collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign. Here are my thoughts.

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18 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed Against DNC Over Guccifer Leaks & Rigged Primary?”

  1. John I cant get a response from Cenk so I will try you. When will TYT admit that the overwelming response in the comments is anti Hilary. Please respond

  2. I think Hillary used a server in her home for security reasons. CNN reported on the security problems with the State Department servers (, so Hillary decided, or was told, that for MORE security, to set up a secured server in her home. So why did she simply apologize and not explain that she used a private server for MORE security. She did not want to announce to the world how insecure the State Departments servers were, thereby inviting even more hacking.

  3. I disagree with pretty much everything you are saying, but I have to admit the other commenter was correct, that lighting is excellent.

  4. California Democratic Primary fraud, 3/4 million ballots shredded in San Diego county. Good luck on counting all the ballots.

  5. John, you need to break away from TYT Your delivery is clean and objective; .. You do not rant and mis-contextualise (like Cenk), or spout ill-researched and muddled opinion (like Ana) It always seems that they are in it for the glory, thinly veiling themselves as progressive crusaders, but mostly determined to ram their opinions through the screen into the world. You seem so genuinely concerned for humanity and earnest in your agenda. Your sense of humour does not go unnoticed either. Quality reporting, dude!

  6. You're a great skeptic sometimes.
    Other times you'll believe some journalist's poor understanding of a "study" with a terrible experimental design, and a terribly low sample size.

  7. You might be surprised at what a Federal Judge would be open to these days. The way the Judiciary has challenged Obama over the last two years is remarkable. There are three different Judges in D.C. overseeing the FOIA cases, and they would see this as confirmation of ongoing criminal patterns.

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