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Coles Beach
just filed
Image by Kuyan Redman
Nikon D50, ISO 200, 3, f/10, 18-55mm @26mm / Re – Edited Edition

Got some feedback from my first edit of this shot, someone said to me that I should bring out the sky a bit more. So what I decided to do, was to do another edit on this and see what improvements I could do to it. Well it turns out that it came out really good. If you want to see the first edit I did. Click the link,

Also another improvement that I’ve done, that I’ll be doing to all my shots from now on, is to export them in .Tiff as well as .Jpeg, This way there will be more detail and can be viewed in full screen without any distortion. Luckily Flickr allows .Tiff files unlike other photo sharing websites.

Another change that I’ve been doing to my photos is not putting my watermark on them, I’ve decided to take them off and make my work more free for people to see and enjoy. My photos now use the Creative Commons – Not Commercial, Share Alike. Feel free to use my photos on your blog, project, wallpaper etc. Just make sure you give credit and a link back.

Soon I’ll be doing blogs on photos that I upload to Flickr, This will be a link to the blog that will be on my website when the site is back online, This way I can express in great detail what I did on that day and give you my thoughts on what I like about the photo. I hope enjoy this photo and If you would like to, give me your thoughts on my photos by leaving a comment or by clicking on the favorites button. Thank You for reading and Enjoy! 😀

– Kuyan Redman

just filed
Image by Stephan Wita
Some experimental texturing going on here.

Took an old one from the archives to play around with. I took this picture a loooooong time ago on an early morning while driving around near my hometown in the south of the netherlands. I never really liked the light in it, and was never so sure about the composition, so it made for a perfect little labrat! Don’t think of it much, just trying some files from my collection of textures to see what works and what not…

just filed
Image by Thomas Hawk
This is on of my unfortunate mistakes as far as the story part goes with my portrait series. I took this photography in Nashville and got a name and story, but I took so many photos in Nashville and didn’t have time to process it immediately.

After I shoot a Portrait, I always immediately make a recording of some audio notes about the person so I won’t forget later, but alas, I lost the audio note file of this shoot and so much later now I remember nothing of our interaction sadly other than I was with my brother when I took this and he was smoking and on a corner just off Broadway near the Ryman.

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